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From: Michael Blood <mlblood_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:44:39 2004
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>Anyone have any kind one-liners for deflecting people intent on a
>discussion of the spiritual qualities of meteorites,
Hi Stuart, Tracy & others,
        What is WRONG with them having an interest in the vibrational
rate of meteorites? All physical existance is actually various
rates. "Heaven and Earth" has probably turned on dozens if not hundreds
of new collectors via Moldavite and Tibetanites.
        My sweetie drug me off to "The metaphysical coradore" in Tucson
(a floor in the motel that houses "Heaven & Earth" now has MANY Hookie-
Zookie display rooms - some are quite interesting (one was a "goddess"
artist that did some BEAUTIFUL sculptures in various stones) and some
are down
right creepy (my favorite in this catagory was a woman who "chanelled"
a "new message" that we really have 12 chacras, not just 7 (guess those
Tibentan Buddhists were outa touch). Furthermore, she was CREEPIE - made
me nervous when she got close! Was afraid she might touch me and I
would catch whatever was wrong with her.
        However....I challange ANYONE on the list to put a Tibetan Tektite
under your pillow for 3 nights and NOT have a VIVID dream! I, of course,
had serious doubts about this claim - so tried it myself - dang me if it
doesn't work! Doesn't matter whether you "believe in it" or not - go
ahead, try it. (use at least a 5g specimen - I suggest you put it in a
cloth bag to keep from rolling over in the night and etching your teeth
with it).
        When they want to "discuss" metoerite vibes, perhaps that is an
excellent opportunity to "turn them onto" all the different petrological
types, suggesting they do "research" into the "spiritual" qualities of
one, and let you know next time they see you.
        So, if some Hippie Dippy types are "into" the vibes - so what? Maybe
they will have to get all different petrological types to have a
set" of all the different meteorite vibes! Oooooo....and the moon....!
        Keep them vibes a'commin!
        PS: I never hugged a tree.
A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the
subject.    - Winston Churchill
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