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From: David Freeman <dfreeman_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:44:39 2004
Message-ID: <3AB01376.E455D15A_at_fascination.com>

Dear Stuart, Tracy, and List;
I deal in crystals, petrified wood, JADE, other rocks, and meteorites...they all
have power when administered correctly. I pay person A for my rocks, and sell
them to person B. Different people buy different rocks for different reasons.
I have even sold a diamond and some gold. The most noticable "POWER" is that
value changes hands...hopefully in the right direction.
I find it interesting that the Western world values diamonds as they do, but,
such a large part of the world hold dearly to the truth that Jade will make one
live a more prosperous and healthier life.
And, if you don't think that rocks have "power", just ask Robert Haags banker,
or anyone that owns a big piece of Lunar or Martian meteorite.
One of my favorite "power" rocks is dinosaur coprolite...petrified dinosaur
do-do! It has the power to put a smile on everyone's face that picks it up and
asks what this pretty and interesting specimen is...
Best Power,
Dave Freeman
Millennium Jade of Wyoming

Stuart Forbes wrote:

> >Anyone have any kind one-liners for deflecting people intent on a
> >discussion of the spiritual qualities of meteorites,
> I once asked a "tree-hugging hippie" type (apologies to anyone on the list
> who thinks they may fit this description!) why it was that meteorites seem
> to have the same spiritual qualities, but come in different varieties (i.e.
> irons have the same effect as achondrites). Let into a discussion on
> meteorite petrology, giving a confirmed new-age hippie a short lecture in
> hard science!
> >or confirming that
> >they HAVE a meteorite(wrong), neither of which I am really qualified to
> >do?
> I always try and work out what it actually is: "no, its not a meteorite,
> but, you know, I think (look at it closely) it could be from a dolerite
> sill/300 million year old magma chamber/ocean floor sediment from 100
> million years before the dinosaurs/etc, etc. Even if its not a meteorite,
> then it could be something just as interesting. Of course if you don't know,
> try the "I can't say for sure, but yes, maybe it is/no it probably isn't,
> and refer them somewhere else.
> Regards,
> Stuart Forbes
> Edinburgh, Scotland
> stuart.forbes_at_dial.pipex.com
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