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From: dean bessey <deanbessey_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:44:39 2004
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>Tracy Latimer wrote:
><snip> I've been approached by people who believe the meteorites
>have "power" in the New Age sense <snip>,
>Tracy Latimer
I have had several new age doctors buying meteorites from me for their
practice because of their "power". Usually large ones which means irons
since they are cheapest (Although campos and nantans might not be so large
in a couple years time). One of my buyers spent 6 months in peru learning
the ancient technique of some mystic ritual of the incas or somebody and his
medical office is filled with mystical objects including my meteorites. If
you go to latin america the "Mercado de brujas" (Literally translated into
english as "market of witches" I think if my spanish serves me well) is
always a very interesting place to visit (Albiet a bit gruesome). These
markets are all over latin america but peru and bolivia has the best.
Healing practices and ideas resonate from ideas hundreds of years old.
Every now and then somebody somebody will ask me "Can you feel any power in
them". I had a girlfriend last year for a while who was into new age stuff
and many of her friends were also into new age and a few times I got asked
that question from her friends after finding out that I sold meteorites.
Another interesting question that often comes up is "are they radioactive"
(And not just when talking about brahin).

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