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From: Rob and Colleen <iguana_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:44:39 2004
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Tracy Latimer wrote:

> I put up a small exhibit at the library where I work of meteorites in my
> collection and related books. The kids seem to like them, and I've seen a
> couple of adults making nose prints on the glass. Last week, the local
> paper did a writeup on the exhibit. It attracted a lot of favorable
> publicity for the library, and I've been contacted by a few other people
> on Maui who collect meteorites, but there has also been the fringe
> contingent. I've been approached by people who believe the meteorites
> have "power" in the New Age sense, and a couple of people who have obvious
> meteorwrongs (and they don't want to hear otherwise.)
> Anyone have any kind one-liners for deflecting people intent on a
> discussion of the spiritual qualities of meteorites

You've gotta one up 'em. As soon as they start talking jibber jabber, hold
your meteorite close to your ear, look equally if not more intent at the
person and say "SHHHHH, Can't you hear it?

> , or confirming that they HAVE a meteorite(wrong)

The same trick works here. Take their meteor wrong, listen to it, then tell
them it is not a meteorite. When asked how you know, just spin the same
response as above "Can't hear it."

Enjoy your fame,
Rob Wesel

> Thanks,

> Tracy Latimer
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