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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:44:38 2004
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On Fri, 09 March 2001, "P. Gessler" wrote:

> I knew it I KNEW IT i knew it Eucrites are from the moon.
> That means Calcalong creek is really just a chunky little xenolithic
> clast from the main Millbillillie fall. They are one and the same!!!!
> Sweet... my collection just got a whole lot better
> J/K
> Paul
> _______________________________________________


What are you saying? Where do you get this idea?

I have in my collection a very strange completely oriented "Millbillillie" of 93 grams that has a distinctly different very dark olivine green fusion crust. I got it out of the same batch that Bob Haag got his little moon rock.

The piece I have is so beautiful with perfect orientation that I am loath to cut a piece of it off for analysis. But after seeing the fusion crust on that new moon rock, NWA482, and noting how similar it is to the one that I have, I might make a cast of the piece then, after cutting a small sample "restore" the place where it was removed.

Anyway, you are pulling a lot of legs in joking about Millbillillie being a moon rock.

Steve Schoner, AMS

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