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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:44:38 2004
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<<Anyway, you are pulling a lot of legs in joking about Millbillillie being
a moon rock.>>

   It doesn't sound so far fetched to me. Afterall, the Moon and the
Asteroids are very similar chemically. The only main difference is that
Anorthosite is more common on the moon than on Asteroids, not that it
doesn't exist on them. It was even thought not long ago that the moon was an
Asteroid that was captured by the Earth's gravity.

Brad Sampson

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> On Fri, 09 March 2001, "P. Gessler" wrote:
> >
> > I knew it I KNEW IT i knew it Eucrites are from the moon.
> > That means Calcalong creek is really just a chunky little xenolithic
> > clast from the main Millbillillie fall. They are one and the same!!!!
> >
> > Sweet... my collection just got a whole lot better
> >
> >
> > J/K
> > Paul
> >
> >
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> ?????
> What are you saying? Where do you get this idea?
> I have in my collection a very strange completely oriented "Millbillillie"
of 93 grams that has a distinctly different very dark olivine green fusion
crust. I got it out of the same batch that Bob Haag got his little moon
> The piece I have is so beautiful with perfect orientation that I am loath
to cut a piece of it off for analysis. But after seeing the fusion crust on
that new moon rock, NWA482, and noting how similar it is to the one that I
have, I might make a cast of the piece then, after cutting a small sample
"restore" the place where it was removed.
> Anyway, you are pulling a lot of legs in joking about Millbillillie being
a moon rock.
> Steve Schoner, AMS
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