[meteorite-list] NWA 482- Show me the literature!

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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:44:38 2004
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When I first saw it, a 360 gram endpiece at the Tuscan show I thought it looked exactly like Cumberland Falls, an aubrite. However, the dark veins were a distinct melt, a glass, and these even on the microscopic level penetrated the white areas, which I immediately recognized as anorthosite.

I thought then and there that what I was looking at was a sample of lunar highlands, with melt veins from impacts.

This meteorite is unique.

And I wish I had a piece of it for my collection-- but the price is way, way beyond me.

The papers will come out-- that I am sure.

Steve Schoner AMS

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> <DIV><FONT size=2>I thought it was a Eucrite as well. Looks similar to Palo
> Blanco Creek.</FONT></DIV>
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> <DIV><BR></DIV><FONT face=arial,helvetica><FONT size=2>Dear List Members:
> <BR><BR>Regarding all the recent "buzz" about this new lunar meteorite, where
> is the <BR>primary literature reference(s) describing its authenticity?
> &nbsp;Not that I have <BR>any douts, but man it really resembles a eucrite or
> aubrite achondrite. &nbsp;Look <BR>forward to hearing from everyone.
> <BR><BR>Sincerely <BR>Greg Shanos <BR></BLOCKQUOTE></FONT></FONT></BODY></HTML>

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