[meteorite-list] THIN SECTION SALE

From: dean bessey <deanbessey_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:44:36 2004
Message-ID: <LAW2-F5043TuylJc0xv00000509_at_hotmail.com>

I have 25 Thin sections listed for sale at:
Item number 25 is from the same rock as the second thin section that I
showed you photos of yesterday which was located at:
If somebody wants the thin section in the photo instead you can have that
one for the same price. They are almost identical thin sections in size and
quality but I can only sell one as the other one has to be sent to the
academy for classification of the stone. I have named it NWA304. That rock
only weighs 61 grams and a third of it gets donated to the academy so there
will not be much around. It is so weakly magnetic that my super powerful
rare earth magnets cannot even hold its own weight on it. I think that you
can figure out what it most likely is.
I have had over 20 people asking to buy the first thin section in that photo
from yesterday (And listed in my second link above in this email). I have a
second thin section from this rock (Really nice to but nothing like the one
in the photo) that I can donate to classify it and I really want to keep the
nice one since it is just so nice but I like cold hard cash to so I am
taking offers on it. I will never part with it unless somebody pays big
bucks for it but there is a price on everything so if you want it then send
me your LARGE offers. Remember, you dont see thin sections like this every
day. Its nice. The stone weighs only 210 grams and I have named it NWA302. I
am sending samples off for clasification of these two and several others in
a few days. Expect two months to get the classifications.

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