[meteorite-list] Re: Virus - I have had enough!

From: Mark Miconi <mam602_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:43:35 2004
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Steven and everyone else infected,

Pull your heads out of the sand....SQUEEZE $50.00 out of your tight wads and

I have had everyone of any of the virus's known and unknown to this list
stopped cold with my....(hold on as this may shock you all)....ANTI-VIRUS

Yes it exists...it is on display and SALE at your favorite PC software
store, yes it does work, BUT (big leap here)..... it has to be INSTALLED and
kept updated.

You need to protect yourself with Anti-Virus software, updated at least
You have only yourselves to be pissed at.

Would you rush into a house without body armour and a gun?
Would you begin a case without your Sherlock Holmes Hat on?
Would you buy a MAC and think it is a PC?

I recommend Norton System Works 2001. It has a live update feature, and many
great programs to assist you in cleanup of temp files, un-used files, and
the such to keep your system in peak performance.

BEFORE IT HITS YOUR PC. Gee that is a great idea!

NOT having virus protection software on your PC is the only crime here.

The worst part about this virus is IT IS NOT NEW! It is over 6 months old,
if you all would quit thinking it will not happen to you and do something
just in case, like buy software to protect your investment, your worries
would be over.

Next weeks lesson is: Milk...is it really from cows?....or does it just show
up in the dairy section in a bottle by MAGIC!

Sorry that I had to vent....but this is PC 101 folks....Bet you all don't
think you need to use condoms either!

Bright Blessings...Please read this as the helpful advice it was intended to

Can we get back to meteorites NOW?
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> Hi Jim and list,
> I have a big concern about this virus, because it is attached to an email
> response from several months ago I posted. It had no "attachment". Is this
> attachment from that post? Someone has kept my email response and has
> attached a virus. Can anyone tell me how this can be traced?? Please
> I've been collecting meteorites for 10 years and have been in law
> for 23+ years so this really pisses me off!
> Again, if anyone on the list has the know-how or right software/ program
> track down where and who did this please e-mail me off list so that I can
> pass this along to the list-server / director /administrator.
> Thank You,
> Steven L. Sachs
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