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From: Tim Heitz <midwestmeteor_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:43:35 2004
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Download this, Its free -------

I have been using this for about 6 months now, it works very well. You must
download updates about twice a week, more than NORTON, which is a good thing

Take Care,
Tim Heitz

Midwest Meteorites ---http://www.meteorman.org/

Mark Miconi wrote:

> Steven and everyone else infected,
> Pull your heads out of the sand....SQUEEZE $50.00 out of your tight wads and
> I have had everyone of any of the virus's known and unknown to this list
> stopped cold with my....(hold on as this may shock you all)....ANTI-VIRUS
> Yes it exists...it is on display and SALE at your favorite PC software
> store, yes it does work, BUT (big leap here)..... it has to be INSTALLED and
> kept updated.
> You need to protect yourself with Anti-Virus software, updated at least
> weekly.
> You have only yourselves to be pissed at.
> Would you rush into a house without body armour and a gun?
> Would you begin a case without your Sherlock Holmes Hat on?
> Would you buy a MAC and think it is a PC?
> I recommend Norton System Works 2001. It has a live update feature, and many
> great programs to assist you in cleanup of temp files, un-used files, and
> the such to keep your system in peak performance.
> BEFORE IT HITS YOUR PC. Gee that is a great idea!
> NOT having virus protection software on your PC is the only crime here.
> The worst part about this virus is IT IS NOT NEW! It is over 6 months old,
> if you all would quit thinking it will not happen to you and do something
> just in case, like buy software to protect your investment, your worries
> would be over.
> Next weeks lesson is: Milk...is it really from cows?....or does it just show
> up in the dairy section in a bottle by MAGIC!
> Sorry that I had to vent....but this is PC 101 folks....Bet you all don't
> think you need to use condoms either!
> Bright Blessings...Please read this as the helpful advice it was intended to
> be....Mark
> Can we get back to meteorites NOW?
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> Subject: Re: [meteorite-list] Virus - what the _at_$$%@$!!!
> > Hi Jim and list,
> > I have a big concern about this virus, because it is attached to an email
> > response from several months ago I posted. It had no "attachment". Is this
> > attachment from that post? Someone has kept my email response and has
> > attached a virus. Can anyone tell me how this can be traced?? Please
> advise.
> >
> > I've been collecting meteorites for 10 years and have been in law
> enforcement
> > for 23+ years so this really pisses me off!
> >
> > Again, if anyone on the list has the know-how or right software/ program
> to
> > track down where and who did this please e-mail me off list so that I can
> > pass this along to the list-server / director /administrator.
> > Thank You,
> > Steven L. Sachs
> >
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