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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:43:29 2004
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I need to either temporarily retract or put a hold on the following two
references until I can verify exactly where they appear on that LPSC CD
rom, or if they appear elsewhere. I do have the last three years of LPSC
abstracts on CD roms, but they will not run in my computer. This has left
me at quite a disadvantage when it comes to recent LPSC abstracts. I am
sending emails off to several of the co-authors and hope to soon have some


>Lawson, S. L., et al., 2001, Preliminary results from the Lunar Prospector
Alpha Particle Spectrometer. ??? XXXII (32nd) LPSC, Houston, March 12-16,
Abstract (radon, etc).
>Schultz, P. H., et al., 2001, Recent lunar activity: evidence and
>implications. ??? XXXII (32nd) LPSC, Houston, March 12-16, Abstract.

All of the other references I listed have been posted before and are
absolutely correct.
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