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From: Matteo Chinellato <mcomemeteorite2000_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:42:02 2004
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Hello all

Yesterday during a research in the Piave River - is a
famous river during the I World War and now have a
very few water but many many rocks - with 3 persons, 3
metal detectors an others magnets, we have find a
little meteorite of gr.22.3, many weathered but a few
traces of crust. Yesterday I have cut a piece for the
analysis and the matrix is very strange, grey-brown,
brown chodrules and few metal. In this last months a
few peoples have a suspect for this many finds here in
Italy. Beh.....the USA or the Africa is not the unique
States have the "copyright" on the meteorites, here in
Italy the territory is full of fields, big rivers with
few water, beaches etc.....and the research here is
inexistent, many new italian meteorites is under
analysis here in Italy from years and the end of this
analysis is not ready. Now here in Italy exist a group
of people for research this meteorites and for give a
help to the italian research regarding this argoment.
I want the hunters from others States no go only in
the Africa or others desert, but come here in Italy
for research, in Sardinia and Sicily is possible find
many desert fields, the Veneto is full of big fields -
and unfortunately many archeology sites where is not
possible the research - and in the Alpi Mountains
exist many moraines. Well this is only a my request, I
am here for the all hunters want come in Italy for
research. In this week I put the photos of this find,
I addvise all when is ready. Today I have cut the
unique slice for sale of this meteorite, sold this no
others pieces is cut, the slice weigh gr.2.2 and is
Very best regards


M come Meteorite
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