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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:42:02 2004
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On Sun, 21 January 2001, Doug wrote:

> Hello list,
> A printed certificate containing a photograph(of sufficient quality) of
> the specimen along with a URL of the same specimen's photograph
> maintained at the dealers domain.
> Then anyone, anytime could check the photos against the specimen at
> hand.
> I believe this system would cover most bases and be hard to overcome.
> Doug
Doug, et al,
This proposal is good, and would solve many of the problems that we are aware of. HOWEVER-- It will not happen-- Why-- because those that are profiting from specks will not take the time and effort to make it work. And those that buy such things, will not be patient enough to wait till something better comes along. They have been bitten by the "meteorite collector's fever" and will settle for an unverifiable speck the identity of which is based solely on thier faith in the integrity of the seller. The bottom line is profit, and this scheme, which has been proposed before, will never come into accptance simply because of the effort that would be involved on the part of the dealers that sell such tiny samples.

The result of that would be significantly higher prices on what are already grossly overpriced items. Steve Schoner AMS

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