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From: Gary Hansen <garyhansen_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:41:58 2004
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Hello All!

A thread awhile back got me thinking about how to
collect and present information for my collection. I
have always thought that the more you know about a
subject, the more you enjoy it. A collection is like
a miniature museum. So in that spirit, I have placed
my "museum catalogue" on the web.

Here it is:


Like most collectors, I specialize in small samples.
So the challange is to get the maximum enjoyment out
of these small specks. Good microscopic and
photgraphic techniques help a lot. (A few of the
pictures come from Ebay ads. You may recognize a some
of your fingers!)

I am particularly interested in meteorite parent
bodies. Lots of information about this. Also, I am
intrigued by the interactions of meteorites with
different world cultures.

I hope the use of text and pictures from various other
web sites does not offend anyone. The intent is not
"publishing" but sharing, and I have tried to give
cerdit for sources. If anyone objects, let me know
and I will remove it. Also, if you spot any
eggregious errors I would like to know it.

Along these lines, does this group have a FAQ for
newbies? I think there are probably a lot of lurkers
who are shy to jump in, but would participate if they
had some basic questions answered. I have seen other
internet groups collaborate on a FAQ: creating a list
of questions and then doing "round robin" authoring.
Any interest?

Best Regards,

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