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From: colin wade <ceweed_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:37:39 2004
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great idea & appologies to the list .I'm by nature more of an observer than
a communicator ,
here goes ,, the 50dhiram tour

For the past 12 years I am working in Qatar , (used to have borders with
Saudi & Abu Dhabi ) , in their onshore oilfield . I'm trained as a
metallurgist & my activities here are maintaining & inspecting the pipelines
& plant ( and failure investigation when things go plume shaped ) .
Consider myself fortunate that the "office" is 100 X10km stretch of the
coast , where the wells & facillities are distributed .If & when I ever
get a proper job I'll probaably need tratment for claustraphobia !
Every Sunday here , we have desert runs ( Qatar West Coast Hash House
Harriers ) & if anyone visits this backwater You'de be more than welcome (
bit like jodie foster in first contact )
As a result of the hash i found my meteorite collection ( singular ) , &will
be the first to be listed ( when the full report comes ) for qatar.
Interests are from Astronomy ( yes the poor demented chap's got a tasco (
left the astro lists coz I could'nt hold my head up ))... to zooology .
Sailing & torturing my guitar come somewhere in between
Its a sad realization when you finally admit that mastering three chords &
singing like a bullfrog with a sore throat will not get you on to top of the
pops ( too good for that )

I'm hoping that there may be some swaps , when my meteorite is finally
classified ( samples currently at BNH museum & IOM New Mex ) , to form a
collection .

all the best for the millennium

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> Maybe this will kick off another round of revelations...
> I am an intermediate school science teacher ( that is,
> 11 to 13 year olds) which allows me to make some use
> of my extensive and time consuming undergraduate
> education ( field botany to physical anthropology to
> physical geology to meteorology to entomology....
> why they didn't simply kick me out I don't know!) I
> still remember taking astronomy in the late seventies
> and being stunned at how all of the other disciplines
> were keyed to that subject ( the years have taught me
> that you could make the same argument, maybe better
> for chemistry or physics) At any rate meteorite have
> rekindled that awe.
> Other interests include birding, boomerangs, surfing
> and reading just about anything.
> Mostly I lurk and appreciate the depth of knowledge,
> generosity and humor of the group but if you get a slightly
> quirky comment or question its probably me!
> Jim
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