[meteorite-list] an absolute beginner

From: colin wade <ceweed_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:37:39 2004
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Hi Susan
Happy Chrismas , Eid Mubarak & All the best for the real new millennium
 I too am a novice , but the info & links gleaned from this list has been
amazing ,( the fights around the handbags at ten paces have been enertaining
as well )
Dry white mould sound unusual , I ve searched lots of the desert & Lichen
seems to grow on the sedimentary stuff , but I haven't seen any on the
flints , & iron ( ventifacts ? ).
Rust spots are very encouraging though .
I've been fortunate enough to find one meteorite & found rust on the
fracture surfaces when a lump fell off . the rock was also brown , with
smoothe surfaces & sharper fracture surfaces .

for identification


both give good guides for assessment & instructions on what to do if you've
been lucky enough to catch a falling star

Following the links given by list members is very good also ,It would be
unfair to single any out , as i'm in complete awe of them for the effort &
quality of the info they are sharing .

If the item is showing signs of deterioration it would be advisable to
consider some form of dry storage . ..sealed box with a good dessicant .

Best of luck

colin wade
Qatar west coast
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Subject: [meteorite-list] an absolute beginner

> hello everyone
> I am from South Africa & as my subject line suggests, a novice at
> meteorites. I've been collecting fossils & "interesting" stones for many
> years though. You know the type, crates of stones in the yard ;-)
> I would appreciate it very much if somebody could help me please. A stone
> (I don't know if it is a meteorite) has developed a dry white mould & lots
> of little rust spots. If it is a meteorite I'd hate to lose it through
> ignorance. Is there anybody out there who will allow me to e-mail them an
> attached photo for identification?
> Thank you
> Susan Starke
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