[meteorite-list] Whut I Du Tu

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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:37:39 2004
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That would be San Juan Capistrano, California, home of the
returning swallows and meteorite eatting salt air.


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> I, like you, mainly lurk, but I enjoy the education that I receive and
>"listening" to the interactions of the group.
> One of the things that I find most interesting about this group is the
>diversity in localities, but it's difficult sometimes determining where
>of the folks are from. Where are you located? As a relative newcomer to
>the group I'd be interested in hearing where everyone lives. I, by the
>live in Lancaster, South Carolina, USA.
>Dave Norris
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>> Maybe this will kick off another round of revelations...
>> I am an intermediate school science teacher ( that is,
>> 11 to 13 year olds) which allows me to make some use
>> of my extensive and time consuming undergraduate
>> education ( field botany to physical anthropology to
>> physical geology to meteorology to entomology....
>> why they didn't simply kick me out I don't know!) I
>> still remember taking astronomy in the late seventies
>> and being stunned at how all of the other disciplines
>> were keyed to that subject ( the years have taught me
>> that you could make the same argument, maybe better
>> for chemistry or physics) At any rate meteorite have
>> rekindled that awe.
>> Other interests include birding, boomerangs, surfing
>> and reading just about anything.
>> Mostly I lurk and appreciate the depth of knowledge,
>> generosity and humor of the group but if you get a slightly
>> quirky comment or question its probably me!
>> Jim
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