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For a living I do computer work. Mostly desktop support but moving more
towards the hardware side of networking. I've been a delivery driver, DJ,
camera man, mail clerk, video game arcade worker, guitarist (but only got on
a couple local radio stations), salesman, pharmacy technician, and almost
did real estate.
I grew up going to the museum in my kind of small Kentucky town (Owensboro)
and just being amazed that rocks can fall out of the sky. 10 years later I
found out that you could actually buy those rocks. Now, 12 years later I've
talked to the curator at the same museum about displaying my meteorites
there. Things have come full circle.
I've always loved star gazing. I didn't particularly have a great time
growing up and for the most part, I really only like the past two or three
years of my life. But since I was in grade school I've always been able to
look up at the stars and know that there really is another, different, world
out there. One of the things that I've always loved about meteorites is
that you're actually able to hold a piece of those worlds.
Wishing you all the best and a happy new year,
Rhett Bourland

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Maybe this will kick off another round of revelations...

I am an intermediate school science teacher ( that is,
11 to 13 year olds) which allows me to make some use
of my extensive and time consuming undergraduate
education ( field botany to physical anthropology to
physical geology to meteorology to entomology....
why they didn't simply kick me out I don't know!) I
still remember taking astronomy in the late seventies
and being stunned at how all of the other disciplines
were keyed to that subject ( the years have taught me
that you could make the same argument, maybe better
for chemistry or physics) At any rate meteorite have
rekindled that awe.

Other interests include birding, boomerangs, surfing
and reading just about anything.

Mostly I lurk and appreciate the depth of knowledge,
generosity and humor of the group but if you get a slightly
quirky comment or question its probably me!


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