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From: colin wade <ceweed_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:37:39 2004
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We had someone working with us in Qatar , built his own (MW10 ) via teh PFA
The effort that goes into getting approved & building time is awesome .
Its all still on my must do list , but heading towards not achievable in
this lifespan .
what an achievement
you must post some pics

all the best
may the strewn fields unfold & surrender to the king of the air
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> Just sitting here reflecting on the last year and realized how amazing its
> turned out. Right now Im taking a break watching "The Day The Earth Stood
> Still" (My favorite) having just returned from a morning with the FAA at
> local airport with inspectors that confirmed that after Five years work my
> Experimental 2 seat Kit-aircraft is approved for flight testing. (Its for
> locating Meteorite Craters from the air.) Whats amazing is that I found a
> facinating hobby which adds SO much importance to my life and that it is
> enriched on a day to day basis by so many good people on this list who
> not lost the feeling of wonder and amazment, everytime they see or touch a
> meteorite. Thank you all, Ron Ballke, Bob Verish,and yes- Farmer, dispite
> colorful opinions -for a wonderful year, lets make the next even more
> fantastic. Lets go find some ROCKS !!!! "Klatu Verada Nickto" Kris
> Henkel-Palm Springs Ca.
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