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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:37:35 2004
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>"rule" was, that one was required to do one day's labor per year
>"on the other side," so, those wealthy enough for mumification took a
>servent to do their work. (This was IN ADDITION to personal servants >one
>may want on hand) Later, it was thought that "just in case" one >best take
>one for every day of the year, just to cover one's bets.
There were actually 401 ushabtis needed to be buried with you. 365 (One for
each day of the year as michael blood indicated) and 36 bosses. The 365 were
often all similar looking (So you often see an artifacts dealer selling lots
of similar looking ones after he gets the contents of a plundered tomb - a
common activity nowadays in egypt, especially in the Luxor area). The name
of the person might sometimes be engraved on them, almost always the war god
horus and sometimes osiris to is displayed. Other amulets (Especially cats
and faince beads) were in the coffins with the mummy to
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