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From: Michael Blood <mlblood_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:37:35 2004
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Rhett Bourland wrote:
> Yep, you are correct. The Egyptians believed that since they had workers to
> get their food and do their bidding for them and what not when they were
> alive that they would also need them once they moved on to the next world.
> So, depending on the period in which they passed away, they would have
> either wooden or faience statues made to do their bidding in the afterlife
> and be buried with them. The one that I'm offering isn't a very special or
> particularly nice one but is still a faience one from the late kingdom
> (approximately 600-300 b.c.).
> Rhett Bourland
Hi Rhett & all,
        The "rule" was, that one was required to do one day's labor per year
"on the other side," so, those wealthy enough for mumification took a
servent to do their work. (This was IN ADDITION to personal servants one
may want on hand) Later, it was thought that "just in case" one best
take one for every day of the year, just to cover one's bets. (this was
after fiance replicas were commonly replacing ACTUAL mummified servents)
So, in the later years (still eons ago) the fiance shebtis were bueried
in great numbers. That is why it is possible to obtain such authentic
and ancient artifacts. There were just so many made. Not as numerous as
"Indian Arrowheads" but along those lines, relative to the current
        Best wishes, Michael
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