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From: E.L. Jones <jonee_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:37:31 2004
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Hello List, Dave.

A Dr Tim McCoy is one of the associates there and I don't know their new policies on back scenes visits. I was able to get back there in the past but I was researching a particular meteorite they had. His
Email address is available via a staff search at the Smithsonian web site. (Natural History Museum) I was there on a Saturday recently and did not even try to locate anyone from the curation staff.

As to the display/exhibit-- It is the best I have seen--with regards to making meteorites understandable to the masses (no pun). Located in a hall at the head of the minerals and gemstones section, the
meteorites on display are integrated in a logical progression from early solar system formation up to the martian and lunar meteorites.

There in all 2/3s of its remaining glory is Layfette! Mounted head on to the viewer, it shows flow lines which could have been carved by a jeweler's engraver. Also is a pumpkin-sized slice of Bencubbin.
Some rarer types of Antarctic meteorites are there, the ones never seen in such sizes and clarity, a few touchy feely irons you are allowed to fondle , a tektite exhibit and much more. The Tucson Ring has
been moved into the hall with the Hope Diamond.


Dave Radosevich wrote:

> Hello List,
> A fellow collector will be visiting the Smithsonian on Thursday afternoon. Anyone been there latly? Anything he should know about where the displays are? Anyone on the inside for a more in-depth looksee??
> Dave Radosevich
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