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From: E.P. Grondine <epgrondine_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:37:31 2004
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Hello all -

    In the last couple of days we have seen the
establishment of the dates of 2 phenomena, both of
which seem to have occured 3.9 Gya - first, the late
period bombardment on Earth, and second, the end of
sedimentary processes on Mars.
    While it has long been put forward that the
asteroids condensed out of a non-uniform disk, and
that further these asteroid parent bodies
differentiated through gravity, the differences in the
types of meteorites found is so great as to lead me to
suspect this explanation...
    If I remember correctly, a number of shock
features associated with the age of formation of
meteorites are dated around 3.9 Gya.
    A thought experiment, if you will: Add together
the estimated masses of the asteroids into a parent
body. Assume a comet of the magnitude and velocity of
Shoemaker-Levy strikes this parent body - to make it a
little more fun, call this parent body planet x -


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