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Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2018 23:45:50 -0500
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Hello my Name is Ken Regelman
I started the Astronomical Research Network in !992 .
Since then I have tried to join the IMCA twice .
I asked on the this list to be nominated . Not one person said yes !
I asked many people who just ignored me , not giving out names to anyone .
Now I don't care . I have tried to help but ..............
*There are a lot of things in The IMCA**and the Meteoritical Society
that need changing .*

Best Regards to all??? Ken

On 9/16/2018 10:18 PM, John Lutzon via Meteorite-list wrote:
> Hi All,
> I agree as well Carlos. For 10 years iv'e seen the IMCA go
> from quiet to non-existent. Someone needs to light the
> fuse. If I were 15 years younger I would find a way to have
> the IMCA site on the local/national news channel once a month.
> Some people say it's do to FB--fine, do it--have your party--But someone/
> somehow needs to figure the "algorithm" to get this Organization
> into the main stream. I'm beginning to believe that some/most
> members are content with just paying their annual dues to state that
> they're a member of the IMCA. Hmmm?$$ B.S....
> I know that many members are doing Much work towards educating
> others about meteoritic subjects. Great, lets hear about it and why not
> call a local news organization about it -- they might pick it up.
> We claim to be a International Meteorite Collectors Association--
> yet our Home site is non-existent for 350 days of each year.
> SOMEONE fix this.
> John Lutzon
> IMCA#1896
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> G'Day Members
> I agree with Bill. Carlos has posted up an important issue that should be
> addressed so that everyone has access to upcoming events. This definitely
> would be helpful for those wishing to attend such events.
> Thanks Carlos for bringing that up
> Cheers
> John Cabassi
> IMCA #2125
> On Sun, Sep 16, 2018 at 7:05 PM, William O'hara via IMCA <imca at mail.imca.co>
> wrote:
>> Hi Carlos!
>> Welcome to IMCA!
>> Thanks for making the suggestion! I think it is a good one. It would not
>> be a difficult task for someone to commit to to doing possibly on a monthly
>> basis. Perhaps we could have a volunteer for each region or continent
>> remind the community of upcoming shows that could provide opportunities for
>> in-person interaction, just as Ann had suggested for me.
>> Keep the ideas coming!
>> Thanks
>> Bill
>> On Sun, Sep 16, 2018, 15:16 Carlos Mu?ecas Mu?oz <carlosbsv at mac.com>
>> wrote:
>>> Hello all of you
>>> I am IMCA member just from a few days, I am from Spain and about business
>>> matters I am in NY.
>>> I just read Anne mail about Denver mineral show, I would like to propose,
>>> if it is possible, IMCA send fairs information. I didn?t know nothing
>> about
>>> Denver fair, but sure, if I had known before, I would have gone.
>>> It is only a recommendation
>>> Thank you and Best Regards
>>> Carlos Mu?ecas
>>> I.M.C.A. #8187
>>> Carlos Mu?ecas
>>> Un saludo
>>> Enviado desde mi iPhone
>>>> El 16 sept 2018, a las 12:27, Anne Black via IMCA <imca at mail.imca.co>
>>> escribi?:
>>>> Bill,
>>>> Since you are right here near Denver, why don't you come down to the
>>> Mineral Show at the Denver Mart today, it is the last day of the Show but
>>> you could still meet a few people.
>>>> And I'd like to meet you too.
>>>> Anne Black - Past President.
>>>> IMPACTIKA.com
>>>> impactika at aol.com
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>>>> From: William O'hara via IMCA <imca at mail.imca.co>
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>>>> Sent: Sun, Sep 16, 2018 2:19 am
>>>> Subject: [IMCA List] (no subject)
>>>> Hello IMCA!
>>>> My name is Bill O'Hara and I am running for a position on the IMCA
>> board
>>> of
>>>> directors.
>>>> I would like to introduce myself and provide some background.
>>>> While I was listed as a living in Texas, I recently moved to Colorado
>> to
>>>> accept a position at the Sierra Nevada Corporation as a Principal
>>> Engineer.
>>>> Before I moved to Colorado I work at NASA's Johnson Space Center for
>>> twenty
>>>> years. My specialty is human spaceflight habitats and systems. I was
>> a
>>>> crew instructor and flight controller for the International Space
>> Station
>>>> in my early years before moving to advanced development work on the
>> Orion
>>>> spacecraft program for Lockheed Martin, and now work in SNC'S advanced
>>>> development group. I have a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering and an M.S.
>>> in
>>>> Geophysics. I have four kids, including a four year old that is crazy
>>>> about rocks.
>>>> Meteorites are a hobby of mine. I have purchased meteorites through a
>>>> number of IMCA members and developed a sizable collection. This hobby
>>>> allows me to apply my interest in geology and geophysics which I don't
>>> get
>>>> to use in my regular day job. While I haven't had the opportunity to
>>>> publish articles on meteorites, I did create a series of blog posts
>> which
>>>> you can read here: Part 1
>>>> <
>>> https://timeandspaceweb.wordpress.com/2016/07/16/meteoritical-me-part-1-
>> beginnings/
>>>> ,
>>>> Part 2
>>>> <
>>> https://timeandspaceweb.wordpress.com/2016/07/30/meteoritical-me-part-2-
>> favorites/
>>>> and Part 3
>>>> <
>>> https://timeandspaceweb.wordpress.com/2016/10/09/meteoritical-me-part-3-
>> collecting/
>>>> .
>>>> I am excited to run for a director position this year. My primary
>> goal
>>> is
>>>> to enhance the IMCA community through increased interaction amongst
>>> members.
>>>> Immediately following last year's election I stirred the pot some with
>>>> emails that suggested methods for doing this. Much of it centered
>> around
>>>> using the mailing list for more than just Meteorite Picture of the Day.
>>> Among
>>>> the ideas I put forward were:
>>>> 1) Meteorite of the Week: Have a schedule of Meteorite Of the Week
>>>> selections where people can post a picture of their own personal
>> favorite
>>>> specimen of that week's Type or Named Fall/Find, depending on how we
>> set
>>> up
>>>> the activity.
>>>> 2) Proposed research ideas to see if other would like to partner on
>>>> a project
>>>> 3) Post a picture of your strangest specimen (shape, weird inclusion,
>>>> color, etc)
>>>> 4) Organizing regional meteorite hunting trips.
>>>> One additional idea was what I referred to as the Met-Bull*Horn. * The
>>> Met
>>>> Bullhorn could work like this: On 6 month cycles we would randomly
>>> select
>>>> members to be reporters (2+ people depending on how we implement it).
>> The
>>>> organizer would notify the reporters of their selection and
>> expectations
>>>> though it is still voluntary to participate. The reporters would be
>>>> assigned a classification of meteorite to report on. Once a month each
>>>> reporter would collect Metbull links to meteorites of his/her
>> assignment
>>>> which were published to the Meteoritical Bulletin since the last
>> report.
>>>> The Bulletin has handy search features that would make this easy to
>>>> compile. The reporter just needs to do the search, copy and paste the
>>>> results into an email, and add an intro header about the quantity of
>> new
>>>> meteorites and their classification. This activity would have the
>>> benefits
>>>> of 1) everyone staying up to date on new meteorites 2) the email list
>>> being
>>>> used by people who may have traditionally been quiet and 3) possibly
>>>> generate discussion about the new meteorites.
>>>> All of these ideas have pros and cons which would need to be vetted, of
>>>> course, before implementation. I put forth these suggestions for
>>>> discussion and in hopes that activities like these could be implemented
>>> for
>>>> the benefit of the IMCA community. Some of these activities have a
>>> fringe
>>>> benefit of keeping us up-to-date on meteorite findings and Metbull
>>> updates.
>>>> Our mailing list and Facebook page could be used for this purpose.
>>>> Unfortunately
>>>> we find ourselves a year later without any change. As a board member
>> I
>>>> would like to do what I can to work through the concerns or issues that
>>> are
>>>> preventing us from implementing new ways of increasing member
>>> participation
>>>> and interaction.
>>>> Thank you for your support and giving me the opportunity to take on
>> this
>>>> challenge and serve as a member of the IMCA Board of Directors.
>>>> *Bill O'Hara*
>>>> IMCA# 7591
>>>> Berthoud, CO
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