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Hi Blake and all,

I've been scrutinizing these pics. I am pretty sure these people
came in the room when I was in there at one time. I remember the blue
shirt guy and the women. I might remember the gray shirt guy. So they
may have picked up some other items and it might be worth checking out
other parts of the video at a time when I was there. Best wishes all
(except to the thieves)!

--AL Mitterling
Mitterling Meteorites

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> To answer a couple issues,
> Yes the gal in the picture was with the guy who stole the Sikhote.
> believe that they were working with the guy in the blue shirt. In
> video it seems to me that he was blocking Blaine's view so the guy
> could take the Sikhote. The gal didn't come into the picture until
> after he took it and then they switched places (guy and gal) so he
> could take the Mount Dooling. I'm pretty sure the gal was in on it.

> They came into the room as a couple and I doubt that he could end
> showing to her without her knowing how he got it.
> My ability to send the video is limited by my server. I re-did the
> clip (made it shorter) so I can send it (20MB). I wanted to make
> that it was in full 1080 resolution. The Mount Dooling was behind
> necklace display so the only way you can tell he took it is seeing
> him reach for it then you have to zoom in and single step as he
> his hand back. Then you can see an end of the rock sticking out of
> his hand as he puts it in his pocket in a couple frames.
> Windows 10 no longer has movie maker. A lot of people are
> about that. You have to down load a movie editor. I think there is
> version of movie maker available but I doubt that this little
> tablet/laptop could handle it well. My old (really old) XP machine
> does have it but I doubt that it could handle it well either. I do
> have a clip that I can send from my system but then it becomes a
> question of what the receiver's server can handle (usually 10MB).
> Blake
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