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From: Blake <n0vln_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Tue, 09 Oct 2018 12:40:40 -0600
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To answer a couple issues,

Yes the gal in the picture was with the guy who stole the Sikhote. I
believe that they were working with the guy in the blue shirt. In the
video it seems to me that he was blocking Blaine's view so the guy could
take the Sikhote. The gal didn't come into the picture until after he
took it and then they switched places (guy and gal) so he could take the
Mount Dooling. I'm pretty sure the gal was in on it. They came into the
room as a couple and I doubt that he could end up showing to her without
her knowing how he got it.

My ability to send the video is limited by my server. I re-did the clip
(made it shorter) so I can send it (20MB). I wanted to make sure that it
was in full 1080 resolution. The Mount Dooling was behind the necklace
display so the only way you can tell he took it is seeing him reach for
it then you have to zoom in and single step as he pulls his hand back.
Then you can see an end of the rock sticking out of his hand as he puts
it in his pocket in a couple frames.

Windows 10 no longer has movie maker. A lot of people are complaining
about that. You have to down load a movie editor. I think there is a
version of movie maker available but I doubt that this little
tablet/laptop could handle it well. My old (really old) XP machine does
have it but I doubt that it could handle it well either. I do have a
clip that I can send from my system but then it becomes a question of
what the receiver's server can handle (usually 10MB).

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