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Even the Idiot that I am -- cannot fathom this continuing (can't find the words)
oh yeah--Bull--shi-- !
To further clarify your clarification-- it is very clear to everyone that this ongoing
thread is clearly DONE.

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In an attempt to be as clear as possible, I must clarify a statement I
posted to the list on November 5th:

The statement below which was made during the debate that escalated into
arguments, was not clearly articulated and could be taken as a single
event, when in actuality, it was two:

The complaint against you, on the other hand, about self-pairing a Black
Beauty stone, which was never paid for according to the seller, resulted
in a different outcome.


The part that reads "which was never paid for according to the seller"
was a qualifying statement in regards to the stone and not part of the
original self-pairing complaint to the IMCA. This information was
conveyed to me at a later date.

The IMCA doesn't consider complaints about non-paying parties that
default on agreements.


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