[meteorite-list] Enormous Quartzsite Gem and Mineral Show Now Happening in Arizona

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OH! I remember that! And that was some 10 years ago.
You told me about that hotel, and I told you that if you had asked me before going there, I would have told you not to go to that "hotel" and that I thought they only rented rooms by the hour considering the neighborhood!
That neighborhood has improved quite a bit since then, but I don't know about that hotel, probably still very cheap.

Anne M. Black

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I only live three hours away so cannot speak for the hotel rooms. We
discovered a "four star" hotel in Denver (the Ramada) had bed bugs so you
never know what you are going to run into. It ruined our entire trip so we
destroyed our luggage and have never returned since. If you check the bed
bug registry, you will be shocked how many hotels in Tucson are listed. We
paid $140.00 a day and found a crack pipe and drugs hidden in the
kitchenette oven since there were no other rooms available in Tucson at the
time. Thankfully, the attendance has been dropping off every year in Tucson
so you can actually get a decent room for under $100.00 a night if you shop

Bed bug registry

For those attending the Quartzite show, I would stay in Lake Havasu that is
less than an hour away or stay in a motor home which over 250,000 other
attendees do. Over 250,000 attend this extremely large show so it must have
something to offer. I have found everything at this show and more. As a
matter of fact, the swap meet type atmosphere means better prices and more
selection. I found new and used saws, polishers and other preparation
equipment at a fraction of the price. I find that some of the older
equipment is way better. It says something when a 50 year old saw will
outlast a brand new one.

Have Fun,



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