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Dear meteorite-list members,

I thought I would forward this request, which I read via the Mineralogical Society of America's listserv, MSA-talk. Giulio Solferino is looking for photographs of the Seymchan pallasite for digital image analysis. Perhaps some of you can help him or suggest sources of suitable images for him.

Best regards,
Pete Modreski

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Dear All,

I am involved in a project were we are trying to use digital image analysis of Pallasite meteorites to infer about their origin, and specifically to define grain growth conditions experienced by olivine. We need high quality photos of pallasites where both well-rounded olivine grain and olivine fragments are present within the same sample (usually labelled as 'mixed-type').

After searching through various sources, it seems to us that Seymchan is the best candidate. There are several slabs of Seymchan that contains rounded grains and fragments of olivine spaced by no more than a few centimeters. We would greatly appreciate any suggestion on whom to contact or how to retrieve high quality photos of Seymchan.

I should add that I have already visited the pallasite collection of Natural History Museum of London and of Dublin, yet, they do not have a slab of Seymchan (or any other mixed-type pallasite) that fits our requirements.

Thank you for your help in advance.


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Dr. Giulio Solferino
Lecturer of Earth Science Resources
Dept. Earth Sciences, Royal Holloway University
e-mail: dr.zolfo at gmail.com
web: www.zolfo78.com
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