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Distinguishing between terrestrial olivine and pallasite olivine
probably isn't quick and easy. Electron microprobe would show the
difference in the Fe/Mn which is diagnostic. I've never used one, but
a handheld XRF might be able to do this too. If you don't mind
vaporizing the stone with a laser -- the oxygen isotopes are
diagnostic :) :) :)

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On Thu, Jan 5, 2017 at 12:16 PM, tracy latimer via Meteorite-list
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> Once again, I have found someone on ebay (surprise factor zero, Captain!) selling what I am convinced are fake pallasite cut gems. Unlike the last fake seller I confronted, this seller seems willing to entertain the idea he may have a fake or two, and wants to look into having them tested. Are there any quick and nasty tests an amateur or garden variety jeweler can do that will confirm whether the cut gemstone is a. an olivine and b. extraterrestrial? Alternately, can anyone suggest reputable testing places where he could have his stones evaluated (he's in Canada)? It would be annoying to spend a couple hundred dollars on testing, only to find you had a nice bit of faceted glass or garnet. ?
> Best!
> Tracy Latimer
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