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I guess no one read my note. Bob and Adam still say "No Hunting!" That's where
I need help. New Mexico's National Forest supervisor said that one can hunt, as
long as it isn't for sale. Just leave the 50 year old or older crap alone. If there is a
clearer description of do's and don'ts in a document, please post it for all to see.

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Subject: Fwd: Questions about the SF National Forest

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Subject: Fw: Questions about the SF National Forest

Hi, Folks! This land use gets so discombobulated that no one knows what is or isn't

permissible in National forests. As for the collectors, little guys that don't do this for

a living, simple apply what is on the books. This is a copy of a letter that I received from

the State Office in Santa Fe. It was pretty clear what I could and couldn't do. I carried a

copy of this in my pocket. I also carry a copy of Title 43 Part 8360 Subpart 8365, "Rules

of Conduct" for Federal land, to show the unknowing ranger what I can and can't do.

They generally walk away saying "Have a Great day". If I'm missing something, I would

like better information than I have. Oh, the letter was from USGA state supervisor.

Thanks! Dennis

P.S. Sally Jewell, the new Secretary of Interior, from Denver, is a

outdoorsy, rock collecting, geologist. I'm hoping she will keep our

lands open for our "Hobby". Her e-mail is: Secretary-jewell at ios.doi.gov<mailto:Secretary-jewell at ios.doi.gov>

Subject: Fwd: Questions about the SF National Forest

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Subject: RE: Questions about the SF National Forest


Currently, there are no entrance restrictions on the Santa Fe National Forest. There are some roads that are closed but I don?t recall any near Glorieta.
>From the Santa Fe National Forest website: Metal Detecting is allowed throughout the forest except in significant archaeological or historical sites. It is the responsibility of the person using the metal detector to not remove any item protected by law. Please read question and answers <http://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/stelprdb5363641.doc> before embarking on a detecting mission.
No permit or notification is required for collecting if the following applies:
? Collecting of samples is on the surface (no digging with hand tools or mechanized equipment). A small sluice may be used.
? Collection is for personal use and esthetic values (cannot be sold or bartered).
For the following activities, please contact the Santa Fe National Forest to discuss permitting or authorization:
? Activity that does involve digging with hand tools or mechanized earth-moving equipment, including bobcats, suction dredges, ?high banking? or dry washing equipment.
? Commercial activities including collecting mineral or fossil specimens for re-sale.
? Removal of more than insignificant amounts of landscape rock.
The following items may not be collected or removed by casual collectors:
? Vertebrate fossils (dinosaurs bones, fish, - anything with a backbone), and shark teeth.
? Archeological resources <http://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/stelprdb5363656.doc> including any material remains of prehistoric or historic human life or activities, which are at least 50 years old, and includes the physical site, location, or context in which they are found including items such as old coins, metal implements, or utensils. (36 CFR 261.2)
The collection of projectile points, pottery, or any other archeological resource or artifact is not allowed (36 CFR 261.9 (h) without a permit. Projectile points include ?arrowheads? and any prehistoric human-modified stone.

Some forest roads do travel through private land and the owner of the land can lock the gate on the road at anytime. Going onto private property will need authorization from the land owner before you enter their land.

Hope that helped.

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Joshua Szopinski
Customer Service Representative

Forest Service
Santa Fe National Forest, Supervisor's Office

p: 505-438-5300
jszopinski at fs.fed.us<mailto:jszopinski at fs.fed.us>

11 Forest Lane
Santa Fe, NM 87508
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