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From: Tommy <tommy58_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sun, 3 Jul 2016 14:45:59 -0400
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     If they test it it is to make *sure* that #1 it's a meteorite. #2
to see if it is a match to any other meteorite (Like Campo). They will
be able to tell easily if it is. The pros on the meteorite list know
their stuff. We've seen a LOT of scams over the years. Just offering a
little insight here. Don't be so offended.

Have a good holiday!


On 07/03/2016 02:33 AM, John Pierce via Meteorite-list wrote:
> What an interesting few responses. You all certainly know a gazillion
> times more about meteorites and about meteorite scams than I know. Of
> these things I know almost nothing, though I do certainly appreciate
> that many parts (if not all) of the internet are rife with scams. I'm
> sorry that you have so much anger about it.
> But I can't help but wonder why, if it is so obvious that I'm
> perpetrating a scam, would the staff at PSU's Cascade Meteorite Lab,
> (who have had this meteorite in hand), not voiced this concern? They
> actually examined the rock in person - not just by way of a low res
> digital photo. Why would they have been certain enough to have
> promised to move the classification of this meteorite to the very top
> of their already long queue? They may be underfunded, but they sure
> didn't strike me as dumb. I can't help but presume they can ID a
> Campo as readily as you. Do you think they are ignorant? I guess you
> can presume that I'm also being deceptive about my contact with them.
> I really don't know the answer to that riddle. It is only on the
> basis of their authority that I can even claim to know that this is a
> real meteorite. I will call them again on Tuesday to ask their
> thoughts on this matter of a Campo scams. They don't seem to mind at
> all for me to "waste their time".
> I've never had any connection with law enforcement, although I have no
> idea what you think that might imply. (Are law enforcement people
> often untrustworthy?) I've always been obscure, and I will always
> probably BE obscure. I'm just one of the obscure masses. So there is
> no "drifting back" into obscurity needed. But I also sure don't need
> validation from your group..
> I don't think you can find any link to me by Google search my name.
> But since you apparently were curious, you can see my short and
> non-special biography by going to QRZ.com and searching the call sign
> K7KEY. I'm obscure, but I also have nothing to hide.
> But my post here has not been fruitless. I've received a good number
> of very considerate direct replies from others offering useful advice
> and information.
> My regret now is that it appears that it would have been MUCH better
> to have asked about cutting an iron meteorite in the abstract. I was
> foolish not to think of this, and I now realize that the excitement of
> my discovery clouded my judgement.
> Happy Independence Day to all in the U.S.!

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