[meteorite-list] How Many Meteorites Are Hidden on Farmland?

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Hi Bill -- you must have missed it in the article: 6th paragraph: "At 92% iron, 7% nickel, and a 1% mix of sulfur,
carbon and other elements, the Lilienthal's meteorite was part of an asteroid, formed 4.5 billion years ago
at the dawn of the solar system, essentially a leftover from the same material comprising the sun and the planets."
So it's an iron. --Rob

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Pleasant article. Very little hype of the sort we are often inundated with. The only thing that I found disappointing was the lack of information pertaining to the rock/meteorite itself.

Kinda looks like a pallasite but that's just a silly guess, I guess ; since it's only based on a glance. Any thoughts?

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