[meteorite-list] Prices for SouthWest Dry Lake Finds??? Old Women Meteorite

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Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2016 15:02:56 -0600
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Hi folks,

I just came across this old thread regarding the Old Woman's "potential
sisters". I'm wondering if there's been any further developments on their

We stopped by the Barstow Discovery Center last week, intending to visit the
main mass again, but had forgotten that they're closed on Mondays. Argh.

Next time for sure!


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Hi Carl! I agree it is good where it's at. I really appreciated the
opportunity to touch and see the
Old Woman Meteorite.
The girl in the office gave me the evil eye when I tried to roll it out
of the BLM building!
She thought I was joking around! ;)

If there truly are additional pieces of the old gal, some one ought to
go get it and re-unite them.
I think UCLA should be jumping all over this with a vengeance. Funds
could be raised to retrieve these.
Russia would do it, I bet!

I volunteer to be part of the ground crew and donate money to help make
it happen by a qualified organization

Won't believe it until I see pictures. Hiding something like this is
nuts! I am mean really.

Now back to watching epoxy cure!
I need to call you next week.


On 5/21/2014 2:20 PM, Carl Agee wrote:
> I think the Old Woman could be in worse hands. Last time I checked the
> Smithsonian was our county's repository for national treasures --
> i.e., it belongs to all Americans. I certainly enjoyed seeing the full
> slice on my last visit there -- also good to know that the main mass
> is on display in California for tourists to appreciate.
> Carl Agee
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> On Wed, May 21, 2014 at 12:20 PM, Jim Wooddell via Meteorite-list
> <meteorite-list at meteoritecentral.com> wrote:
>> Hi Sonny,
>> I thought the miners..or one of them passed?
>> Let's go get it! Did they say how big the other pieces are?
>> Jim
>> On 5/21/2014 10:58 AM, wahlperry--- via Meteorite-list wrote:
>>> Hey Adam and list
>>>> Not too many peoplehave the resources to fight the federal government.
>>> Just talk to theminers that lost the Old Woman meteorite.
>>> With the Old Women Meteorite a second piece has been found. A third
>>> piece
>>> has also been found wedged under a large boulder half exposed. I have
>>> tried
>>> to get permission to remove the meteorite. I was told that the meteorite
>>> would be confiscated if recovered and best to leave it alone. This would
>>> be
>>> a great case to challenge in court.
>>> Sonny
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