[meteorite-list] Drift of Draconid Radiant

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Hi Mike -

I hope I am not spoiling anyone's source here, but

Your go-to guy for Serpent Mound geological specimens is Tom Johnson of the House of Phacops.
He can also provide local fossils.

IMO, there is a whole lot of BS that is spouted as regards the ceremonial complex there.

That said, the EMF there at the impact epicenter is high enough to disorient migrating birds,
and interfere with electronic circuits, including those of the human brain.

I hope to put my and my colleague Fletcher Wilson ( one of Ohio's leading naked eye astronomers)
pamphlet into e-book from someday.


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 Hi EP and
 I have been fascinated lately with the folklore
 surrounding the Serpent Mound crater. My interest was
 triggered by receiving a batch of Serpent Mound breccia
 chunks which I cut and sold. (still have some
 I have never visited the site, but if I ever
 find myself in that neck of the woods, I will certainly pay
 a visit.? Hope to see you there one day.? :)
 Best regards,
 On Nov 4, 2015 8:28 PM,
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 Hi all
 For the last several years, I have been speaking at Serpent
 Originally and abysmally, this structure was dated by Brad
 Lepper to the 1066 CE appearance of Halley's Comet.
 It appears clear from the structure itself that it was meant
 to reflect the constellation Draco,
 although Its builders the Andaste were genocidally
 before any detailed record was made of their astronomy.
 While the weather here in Ohio usually prevents viewing the
 it appears they would be visible a month or a month and a
 half earlier at the time this site was first cleared,
 sometime after 1,000 BCE or so.
 Note especially the later construction ca 360 BCE.
 We currently have no idea what triggered that.
 Draco's radiant's location has implications as far
 as Gobekli Tepe's alignments.
 Has the Earth been hit by trwo cometary streams in the last
 15,000 years, both Giacbinii Zinner and Encke?
 In other words, precisely how bad is the cometary impact
 Has the recent rate of cometary injection been high, or is
 this normal?
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