[meteorite-list] CO WY Meteor Approx. 2230 MDT 02SEP2014 long duration/fragmentation

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Date: Thu, 4 Sep 2014 23:40:37 +0000
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Hi Shawn/All,

~Something~ definitely came in over Colorado on 2 September around 10:30 pm MDT.
The long duration and general flight direction (SSW --> NNE) suggested large space junk
reentry. And indeed, the beautiful radar signature that lasts for over a half hour looks
just like that of past satellite reentries. (Marc Fries was on the ball and found the
unmistakable signature yesterday.) Trouble is, I can't find a good candidate in the
USSPACECOM catalog that could have been responsible. Some have suggested
Cosmos 2495 (which ~was~ making a northbound pass over Colorado at about that
time), but I don't think that could have been it. That satellite's altitude should have
been around 230 km at the time -- low, but certainly not in danger of immediate
reentry. The only way it could have reentered is if it had a catastrophic breakup
sometime after 17:00 UT on September 2nd (the epoch of the most recent orbital
elements for Cosmos 2495).

I put together a kmz file with 19 separate radar sweeps from the Denver and Cheyenne
Doppler radars between 05:06:56 and 05:34:15 UT on 3 September (11:06:56 pm to
11:34:15 pm Mountain Daylight Time). By playing with the Google Earth slide bar, you
can see the long debris cloud drifting eastward with the prevailing winds. If anyone
would like a copy, just let me know. Perhaps there is some satellite debris waiting
to be found somewhere along the ~100-mile-long line from Keenesburg, CO up to
Albin, WY. --Rob

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Hello Listers

If its a fall, its perfect timing with the gem show in full swing in Denver. I wont be able to go :( I did have fun last year and meet people out there. Maybe next year.


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