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Sounds just like corporate America. This kind of thing happens in
board-rooms and golf courses around the country on a daily basis. It
sounds like good old capitalism at work. Such performance would rate
a promotion in most Fortune-500 companies. The only difference is
that the actors are not wearing suits and ties. ;)

On 10/4/14, Michael Farmer via Meteorite-list
<meteorite-list at meteoritecentral.com> wrote:
> The people you are mentioning are the ones buying the rock.
> Very confused as to who is robbing who.
> Who is the thief?
> Michael Farmer
>> On Oct 4, 2014, at 3:17 AM, rachid chaoui via Meteorite-list
>> <meteorite-list at meteoritecentral.com> wrote:
>> Hello Members List
>> as you maybe saw in meteorite list and also in IMCA list many days
>> ago, that there was an lunar Meteorite weigh 1345g was Stolen actually and
>> I
>> asked all friends to do not buy it since am the one who bought this
>> piece ,the important questions here is: who stolen me? and why he did
>> that? here is the story...
>> Most of you know that it was an 5800g Lunar available here in Morocco,
>> for sale for a long time and since the asking price was crazy and not
>> acceptable ,i contacted my friends who know very well the owners and
>> tried to convince him that the piece worth less than they ask and
>> finally we come to an agreement due to the efforts of my friends ,we
>> make appointment for payment and deliration in this time i contacted
>> my friend who is in US for informed him that the deal is closed with
>> the owner ,few hours after my client contacted me in order to tell me
>> that he is felling not comfortable since HABIBI AZIZ contacted him
>> saying the stone is his at this time i feel that something is wrong
>> happening i contacted my friends in Gulmim to tell them the last news
>> and if the owner still in his words about the deal, but
>> unfortunately after some calls they told me that AZIZ HABIBI offer
>> to them more than my offer and they sell the piece to HIM!!! so the
>> same game again from the same guy !!!! I called AZIZ Habibi to tell
>> him that it is bad behavior to offer more than my offer after
>> closing deal and for to be candied his reply was polite . I send
>> email to my client to informed him that the piece is with Habibi AZIZ
>> and he should continue the deal with him and am not angry at all.
>> From here the problems START since Habib AZIZ informed my friend in
>> Gulmim who was the intermediate between me and the owner of this 5800g
>> lunar that"" i was the seller of this piece and i got a very large
>> margin from this deal and i should give him his part and all
>> conversations
>> between me and intermediate its just a games "" my friend became keep a
>> major grudge of me and he wait just an opportunity for revenge .He
>> offered me this 1345g lunar ,he sent me sample and i sent to Dr Tony
>> Irving Who confirmed it as a Feldspatic Breecia we make appointment
>> for payment and deliration I drove to Guilmim to get the Stone, I
>> gave the Money to the Person with whom I dealed and I knew him very
>> well because I dealed with him many times. The Person get the money
>> and he drove to the Camp of the Nomad to bring the stone. I stayed in
>> Guilmim waiting for him, He told me that it's 2 hours driving. After 5
>> hours waiting , I tried to reach him but no way, I thought it's a
>> Problem of the Network. I went to his house, his Family don't know
>> nothing about him , but when I Met his Brother , his behavior was too
>> Strange which Pushed me to think that something really bad happen with the
>> Stone , I stayed in Guilmim trying the whole Day and Night to reach
>> him . I passed the most stressful day in my life with my brother who
>> was with me . In Saturday morning, I called another person who has a
>> Car 4/4 in order to search in the desert I thought maybe something
>> happened with the car , we don't know where we search but I couldn't
>> stay any more calling so we just drove in the desert , suddenly I was
>> surprised that his phone is reachable. He Told me that the Money are
>> safe and he just found the nomad quit their Place and he tried to
>> reach them. i was little Bit reassured when I heard his voice. After
>> half an hour , I tried to reach him again but no way , in Saturday
>> Afternoon , he called me, He Told me : '' I got 1345g Lunar instead
>> of 5800g Lunar ' I didn't understand nothing , at the same time I
>> didn't know what to do. I contacted some of the dealers in Guilmim
>> about what happened, and they told me that he believe that I Sold the
>> 5800g Lunar and Not Habibi Aziz. , and he thought that I got money
>> and didn't give him his part .
>> I called AZIZ Habibi and i was very very nervous with him, Honestly he
>> told me that he will help me to get the stone ,i called all dealers
>> Moroccan friends Aid Mohamed ,Ali Oulmaleh ,Sbai Mohamed who was in
>> Denver show and Adam Aaronson ....etc in order to ask them that they
>> shouldn't buy this piece since it is stolen, few days AZIZ Habibi called
>> me to informed me that the piece is still available and it is with the
>> finder and the thief did not buy it , i was surprised when Habibi
>> send me pics of the piece and he told me that someone send them to
>> him month ago via WATTS AP but he did not take care to them because
>> he thought its just terrestrial rock I told him that i should buy this
>> piece and he said again that he will help me since he know the OWNERS.
>> He make appointment with the owner in Agadir. I came to Agadir and
>> AZIZ told me that the owner said that the piece is sold but he will
>> try since he is sure that the piece is still available and all what
>> owner said is not accurate in the same day Aid Mohamed Called me and
>> he told me that someone offer to him this piece and i asked him to try
>> close deal with them and am ready to pay for get the stone ,Aid drove
>> about 1000Km from Marakech to Laayoune he meet the owner, saw the
>> piece and close the deal and he called me that its over and we just
>> wait until Monday for get money from the bank and pay them I was very
>> happy and i drove from Agadir to Laayoune in this week end for be
>> ready to pay the piece without delay in Monday. At 8h30 o'clock we get
>> the money from the bank Aid go to the owner and we were surprised
>> ,the owner said that the piece is sold by his son and its in transit
>> to Agadir to AZIZ Habibi who offer to them 30000$ more than mine and
>> really i was at a very bad situation ,i called Aziz and aware him that
>> is i bad behavior and he must have no mercy since he know that i
>> was stolen and i need this piece urgently he told me again that he
>> just do that for me and he want to help and i should come to Agadir
>> for pay the owners and he already signed a contract with owners and all
>> is find ,i feel better and i drove from laayoun to Agadir again(649KM)
>> for meet the owners and pay him, when i arrived, Aziz said that the two
>> owners did not bring the piece with them so i should pay to them an
>> advance wish is 20000MAD and i should back to Laayoune Again (other
>> 649KM) for get the stone and i did, and he received 20000MAD for give
>> it to the owners wish i lost until this time ,i back to Laayoune
>> from Agadir and Aziz told me that he will send me the cell phone
>> number of the owner by SMS for meet him in Laayoune. when i arrived i
>> tried
>> to call AZIZ a few times but no reply i was afraid i sent him few
>> emails then he send me an cell phone number of someone when i call him
>> he told me that he don't know who I am or who is AZIZ Habibi, urgently i
>> asked my brother to drive back and maybe someone want to betray us the
>> second time. we was afraid because we had a large cash in car.i was
>> really stressed and i became very pessimistic .after a long attempts
>> AZIZ and his partner get the piece and they offer it again to my
>> client with no mercy and they send me email to informed me that piece is
>> sold and they will give me a gift wish is 12000$ !!??what a
>> generosity??? so where is your help here Aziz? the end of story
>> showed that all was a games in order of greedy and loving the MONEY.
>> man!! remind this words every time ""if you
>> can betray some people sometimes you can not betray all people all the
>> time"
>> Thanks to all who help us and stand for us even with good words
>> thanks to Darryl Pitt, Dr Tony Irving, Gary Fujihara, Aid Mohamed,
>> Tomek Jakubowski, Jason Utas, Dave Ghessling, Greg Hup?, Ali Oulmaleh,
>> Said Hddany, Kai Ke, Adam Aaronson ....thank you so much to you all
>> and others here, peace be with you .
>> All the best
>> 2014-10-04 2:10 GMT+02:00 rachid chaoui <chaouirachid81 at gmail.com>:
>>> Aziz if you have somthing you want telling me please share it here ,why
>>> you
>>> sent me a private SMS?
>>> Its time of the truth.right?
>>> Le 4 oct. 2014 00:22, "Aziz habibi" <azizhabibi at yahoo.com> a ?crit :
>>>> Go ahead its ? good start
>>>> Remembre honore and th? truth
>>>> Envoy? de mon iPhone
>>>> Le 4 oct. 2014 ? 00:10, rachid chaoui <chaouirachid81 at gmail.com> a ?crit
>>>> :
>>>> Okay Aziz
>>>> I will start from the 5800g lunar story wish is the original source of
>>>> the
>>>> probleme and everyone should know who is Rachid and who is Aziz
>>>> More details in seperate email...
>>>> Le 3 oct. 2014 21:26, "habibi abdelaziz" <azizhabibi at yahoo.com> a ?crit
>>>> :
>>>>> hello all; rachid. darryl
>>>>> rachid , been honorable and honest is not telling story's on the list
>>>>> or
>>>>> to dealers; but acting honorable and doing the right thing when u have
>>>>> to,
>>>>> i have been doing meteorite and sales 15 years; and i have been
>>>>> honorable
>>>>> and honest,
>>>>> so it has been long time; i avoid to talk this kind of story's on the
>>>>> list; but as u brought me in this and i was just helping you ,and other
>>>>> friends, i see u are ungrateful and u dis-inform realty and fact into
>>>>> story's........
>>>>> i give you a last chance to be still honorable by telling the list
>>>>> members the all story and the the fact the reality; not perception or
>>>>> what
>>>>> you think:
>>>>> after that if you forget your ego and tell the truth and try to be
>>>>> honorable i will let it go;
>>>>> if not,, you will see me telling the list member all the story myself
>>>>> and it will hurt;
>>>>> from a to z;
>>>>> and remember all what a man has is his name and honor and i will not
>>>>> let
>>>>> anyone make my name dirty i have been fighting for my name long time
>>>>> now time to the truth;
>>>>> what is this game u are talking about, and now tell us the all
>>>>> story............................................................
>>>>> sincerly
>>>>> aziz
>>>>> ---------------------------------------------------------------
>>>>> Hello freinds
>>>>> All what Aid Mohamed descrive about this story is right ,what i should
>>>>> clear is that was not last Week end it was two week end a go.
>>>>> unfrontunatel we wanted to over this bad story as soon as possible but
>>>>> as
>>>>> Mohamed said the Bad Behavior of Habibi let the story to be long a bit
>>>>> All the best.
>>>>> habibi aziz
>>>>> box 70 erfoud 52200 morroco
>>>>> phone. 21235576145
>>>>> fax.21235576170
>> --
>> Rachid Chaoui
>> IMCA # 4157
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