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From: Kevin Kichinka <marsrox_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu, 29 May 2014 13:53:03 -0600
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Team Meteorite:

I'm building a house here in Costa Rica. One purpose is to finally
create a space conducive to storing meteorites in an otherwise humid
climate more conducive to storing cigars - Costa Rica is an open air

My collection has been sitting in storage in Florida and I want to
bring it here.

The main logistic problem will be 1. a bowling ball size Campo that is
anything but a bowling ball shape 2. A Gibeon that is extremely
oriented, so its flat and smooth on one side, 'ripped' on the other.
These weigh under 10kg each, and could go in a carry-on suitcase.

I would never consider checking them in at Miami airport and expecting
to find them in San Jose.

Shipping them via DHL would be costly, and could be a problem in customs.

I have asked TSA people about them during the last few trips and it
was unanimous that they aren't 'prohibited material'. And ironically,
bowling balls are OK to carry on. But they do have a prohibition about
anything that could be used as a projectile. These once excelled at
that skill.

I called TSA this morning and was told it was up to the gate agent.

Fine if I reach the TSA guys and they deny passage if someone is
driving me to the airport. But I drive across Florida from Ft Myers to
reach the airport, and there is no one there to give them to for
storage if the TSA tells me no way.

How are all the dealers moving their stock from country to country these days?


Kevin Kichinka
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