[meteorite-list] Prices for SouthWest Dry Lake Finds??? Old Women Meteorite

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Date: Wed, 21 May 2014 11:20:15 -0700
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Hi Sonny,

I thought the miners..or one of them passed?

Let's go get it! Did they say how big the other pieces are?


On 5/21/2014 10:58 AM, wahlperry--- via Meteorite-list wrote:
> Hey Adam and list
>> Not too many peoplehave the resources to fight the federal government.
> Just talk to theminers that lost the Old Woman meteorite.
> With the Old Women Meteorite a second piece has been found. A third
> piece has also been found wedged under a large boulder half exposed. I
> have tried to get permission to remove the meteorite. I was told that
> the meteorite would be confiscated if recovered and best to leave it
> alone. This would be a great case to challenge in court.
> Sonny
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> Sonny, That is great news. I am not saying that every experience with
> the BLM has been a negative one for me. I spent hours on the phone
> with three different agents from the Barstow and Needles offices and
> got variable answers. I was even told it was illegal to bring devices
> into an area that also contains heritage items or artifacts. This
> included a magnet on a stick. I did manage to get a permit to enter
> Ivanpah after one of my friends was ticketed there.The bottom line is
> that I do not want to see anybody hassled for selling meteorites found
> on public land. The only consistent answer I ever got was that
> meteorites found on public land are not to be used for commercial
> purposes.Sell at your own risk. For me, the thrill is finding
> them,Adam----- Original Message ----- From: <wahlperry at aol.com>To:
> <raremeteorites at centurylink.net>;
> <meteorite-list at meteoritecentral.com>Sent: Wednesday, May 21, 2014
> 9:49 AMSubject: Re: [meteorite-list] Prices for SouthWest Dry Lake
> Finds???Hey Adam, Jim and List,Meteorites are lying around like Easter
> Eggs you just need to go outand do a little hunting. I was able to
> recover 2.5 pounds over the lastmonth in a new area. Last year while I
> was hunting the Indian Buttemeteorite I stopped and talked with two
> BLM Rangers. We talked aboutmeteorite hunting. The two rangers had no
> problem with me hunting formeteorites and wished me good luck. I have
> also talked with the LasVegas BLM regarding meteorite hunting and have
> had no problem. I didcontact the State of Arizona about hunting on
> State Land and theyinformed me that meteorite hunting on state land is
> not allowed. So farall of my experiences with the BLM and meteorite
> hunting has beenpositive. I can hopefully find some more Easter Eggs
> this weekend! : )Sonny-----Original Message----- From: Raremeteorites
> via Meteorite-list<meteorite-list at meteoritecentral.com>To:
> meteorite-list <meteorite-list at meteoritecentral.com>Sent: Wed, May 21,
> 2014 9:08 amSubject: Re: [meteorite-list] Prices for SouthWest Dry
> Lake Finds???The BLM adopted the UNESCO rules designed to protect
> culturalproperties and turned them into laws. These rules have been
> twistedinto law by government servants overstepping their authority
> with nodebate or intelligent input whatsoever. I talked at great
> length over10 years ago with the late Richard Norton which sounded the
> alarm bellsto anybody who would listen. The BLM strengthened their
> position withthe 10 pound limit and commercial permits which will
> never be issuedbased on television shows, falsely perceiving that
> meteorites are lyingaround like Easter Eggs and are worth a
> fortune.Not too many peoplehave the resources to fight the federal
> government. Just talk to theminers that lost the Old Woman
> meteorite. Our group, consisting ofseven people, were warned by BLM
> agents from the Needles Californiaoffice that meteorites are not to be
> resold and that they monitor eBayand other outlets. Four prominent
> meteorite collector/dealers and ascientist were on this trip. I was
> personally threatened, as wereother team members, by them and will
> leave it at that. Others on thislist have been warned as well. I
> will leave it up to other hunters tostep forward with their unsavory
> experiences with the BLM if they feelso inclined.It is best to search
> on private property with writtenpermission if want to resell your
> finds. There has been a lot ofpress about artifact hunters having
> their entire collectionsconfiscated if they did not have provenance
> indicating their finds weremade on private land. Even then, you are
> not allowed to dig on privateproperty for them. They have to be
> surface finds. Remember, the "laws"written for artifacts and fossils
> now apply to meteorites even thoughmeteorites were never mentioned in
> the UNESCO guidelines which wereadopted into law.Jim, I am surprised
> that with all of the hunting youhave engaged in over the years that
> you have not been personallyinvolved with the BLM in the field.
> Sometimes you run into areasonable agent, but more than likely, you
> will run into one lookingexert their authority.Adam----- Original
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> com>Sent: Wednesday, May 21, 2014 5:06AMSubject: Re: [meteorite-list]
> Prices for SouthWest Dry Lake Finds???>Hi Adam and all,>> Just for
> clarification on so called BLM Rules.>> TheBLM put out a paper a while
> back the stirred up a ruckus. The paper >was a GUIDELINE for area
> supervisors> to implement or not. To beclear, they are not rules.
> And, the BLM has > failed to issues claimedpermits for> commercial
> ventures when ask.>> If you can show me wherethese guidelines have
> become rules and have > actually beenimplemented, I'd like to see
> it.>> Jim>>>> On 5/20/2014 4:25 PM,Raremeteorites via Meteorite-list
> wrote:>> Hi Jim and All,>>>> Unlessthey predate 1972, meteorites found
> on public land cannot be used >>for commercial purposes according to
> the BLM interpretations rendering >> them without commercial value.
> This is even before the new "laws" >> limited meteorite recoveries to
> 10 pounds a year or less without a >> commercial permit. The
> interesting thing is not a single commercial >> permit has ever been
> issued despite being applied for.>>>> Sorry forthe bad news,>>>> That
> is why it so important to treat private landowners with the utmost >>
> respect in order to gain access tounrestricted search areas.>>>>
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