[meteorite-list] Chemistry calculations reveal Earth's inner core

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Date: Tue, 13 May 2014 12:20:38 -0700
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Here is something to look at when you think of the inner workings of
Earth :)


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Chemistry calculations reveal Earth's inner core

Theoretical calculations have confirmed that the Earth's core contains a
significant proportion of oxygen. This has been proposed before, but the
new research confirms it with rigour not previously possible. The
presence of oxygen can be used to constrain models of the Earth's
formation, suggesting the early Earth may have been a hotter, more
oxygen-rich environment than some models predict.

By measuring the Earth's moment of inertia and looking at meteorites
made of material similar to the planet, scientists calculate that the
core is mostly made of an alloy that has 16 times more iron than nickel.
However, seismic waves travel through the core more quickly than they
would through a pure iron?nickel alloy, implying that some lighter
elements are present. Sulfur, silicon, carbon and oxygen have all been

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