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I'll be there as usual. I think in the 15 years I only missed one? I am coming a lot lighter this year so if you want something specific, let me know in advance.

Michael Farmer

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> On behalf of Zelimir Gabelica, who is still fighting with his computer.
> Anne M. Black
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> (June 1, 2014)
> Dear meteorite friends & Meteorite-Central List,
> Please find here below the latest update concerning the 15th edition of
> our meteorite show ?Ensisheim-Meteorite 2014?, a very special event
> (15th anniversary of the show and 30th anniversary of our Brotherhood
> founding).
> This completes the 2 advertisements sent to the Mineralogical journals
> ?Lapis? (in English) and ?Le R?gne Min?ral? (in French),June issues, as
> well as the official flyers now published on our 2 web sites, namely:
> Ensisheim City site:
> www.ville-ensisheim.fr.
> or http://www.ville-ensisheim.fr/p_rmeteorite2014.html
> The ?Confr?rie? site:
> www.confrerie-gardiens-meteorite-ensisheim.fr
> The flyers will be published on these sites tomorrow Monday June 2. You
> can also find them attached to this announcement.
> Some additional information:
> The number of dealer tables is limited to a total of 52 (currently
> accommodating about 45-60 dealers), not including the consignment room
> that accommodates 6 tables with display cases.
> The important reminder is that all tables are equal in size(160 x 80
> cm).
> The price (per table, NOT per meter) has increased slightly, following
> the (surprising) suggestion by quite a number of dealers: 1 table =
> 155Euro, 2 tables = 300 euro, 3 tables = 430 euro.
> Please plan your own lighting if needed (strictly limited to 250
> W/table !).
> All past dealers/guests have full priority to reserve their last year
> table(s). Those who did not come last year (2013) have lost their
> priority and will be considered ?newcomers?.
> Sorry for those who were late in reserving but my January warning was
> perfectly explicit on that point. Nevertheless a waiting list is now
> open, should some of you still wish to rent a table. From experience, 2
> to 4 tables are often released 3 weeks before the show starts.
> The 2014 participants (including the main co-dealers) are (in
> alphabetical order):
> Abdelhadi (MA), BARAKSHIN Andrey (RU), BLACK Anne (US), BECKER M.(D)
> (?), BOURAGAA Ahmad/AID Mohamed (MA), CARION Alain (F), CHAOUI Rachid
> Thomas (D),EGER Uwe (D), ENNAHI Larbi (MA), HABERER Siegfried (D),
> HMANI Ali &Mohammed (MA), HUP? Greg (US), ISMAILY Sidi-Mohamed (MA),
> Viacheslav (RU),KARL Joachim & Moritz (D)/FARMER Mike/STROPE Jim (US),
> KN?FEL Andr?/GOETTLICHDavid (D), KOSER Hans (UY), KUNTZ Fabien/ PEL?
> Pierre-Marie (F), LABENNE Luc(F), PACER Gregor (D), PANI Ahmed (A),
> PUSTOV Yuri (RU), RALEW Stefan (D), SBAIMohammed (MA) (?), SKORNIAKOV
> Slava (RU), STALLING Ilmarin (D), SMULA Lukacz(PL), VASILIEV Sergey
> (CZ), VINOGRADOV Aleksey (RU).
> There will be more accompanying persons present on some tables. All
> such people will receive a free badge, on the following basis: 1 table
> reserved, 1 or 2 badges attributed; 2 tables, up to 3 badges; 3 tables,
> up to 4 badges, etc.
> If more people are officially part of a table team, they can either be
> considered as ?public? and pay 4 euro as entrance fee, or pay 10 euro
> that includes the entrance and a badge. To make this possible, I will
> need the full names of all accompanying persons as soon as possible, so
> we can write the corresponding badges in time.
> The 6 consignment display-cases will contain meteorites, tektites,
> impactites?from the following collections (list still open):
> GABELICA Zelimir (B), JACQUES Beno?t (B), JAWERBAUM Eduardo
> (AR),SCHMITT-KOPPLIN Philippe (D), STEHLIK Harald (A), TURONE Oscar
> (AR), VERLOOVENGuy (B), WENGERT Sigrid (D).
> To avoid money transfer complications and bank fee, we ask that you pay
> the table rental in cash. Tables are to be paid on Saturday morning
> between 7:30 and 9:30 to the treasurer, at the reception desk visible
> from the entrance door of the Regency building. When they pay, the
> dealers must wear (or ask for) their badge.
> Since we do not require pre-payment, it would be very fair if, in case
> of cancellation, you notify us enough in advance so that we can rent
> your space to those who are on a waiting list.
> People without badges are not considered dealers, cannot occupy tables,
> and are NOT allowed to sell meteorites elsewhere within the buildings
> or on the Regency square.
> Friday June 20 is the "DEALER?S DAY" devoted to the setting up of the
> tables and booths.
> The Regency halls are open to dealers exclusively (13:00 ?17:30 sharp),
> and NOT to the public. Dealers can also complete their tables
> set-upearly on Saturday (7:30 ? 9:30)
> The traditional FRIDAY DINNER PARTY starts at 20:0 0inside the large
> tent set on the square. The special 15th anniversary menu is detailed
> in the flyer.
> This party is more than recommended; it is there that folks from all
> around the world meet, eat and drink but also make friends, set
> business, start deals or?transform the world.
> Needless to say, everybody (organizers, dealers, lecturers, public and
> all their friends?) is warmly welcome!
> If you want to attend, we just need to know the names of the persons
> interested. A reservation is a must. You can reserve (ASAP please) by
> phone (see flyer) or by sending me a mail.
> The SATURDAY DINNER (not officially organized and thus free from any
> reservation, traditionally takes place either in the ?Boeuf Rouge?
> restaurant, on the square or anywhere around it. Just come around the
> Regency square where there will be music and dance and all you could
> need to start relaxing?
> Briefly, the special 15th anniversary show themes feature:
> ?MAN IN SPACE? (Astronaut Michel Tognini?s 2 lectures, rocket
> models exhibition)
> ?BRITISH AND IRISH METEORITES?: Superb exhibit of selected
> meteorite samples and related explaining posters, from the collections
> of British and Irish Meteorite Society (BIMS) members, thanks to Luther
> Jackson, Graham Ensor and Martin Goff (all UK).
> A specially built display window with designed protection against air
> and/or humidity will be presented by Vincent Jacques (Brussels NHM) in
> the consignment room. It will contain some outstanding examples of very
> interesting and/or showy meteorites.
> ---------------
> I will be on vacation and away from my computer for the next 4 days
> (June 2-5), and then I will be here to answer by emails all your
> potential concerns and provide you with any kind of last minute update
> or new information.
> Remember! this 15th edition of the Show will be exceptional in terms of
> science and passion.
> And I am more than confident that the traditional FUN will stay with
> you at all times during these 2 great days, in space and time!
> With my very friendly regards and sincere sympathy toeverybody,
> Zelimir
> -----------------------------
> Anne M. Black
> www.IMPACTIKA.com
> IMPACTIKA at aol.com
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