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Hi Anne and all,

There are many scientifically calculated fall rates. Most assume
meteorites that have landed are 100 grams or larger as those are deemed
more findable. A Canadian study estimated some 21,000 falls per year.
We loose 3/4 in the oceans, leaving some 6,000 to land on dry land.
Many of those land in remote areas away from the notice of people.
Higher populations usually result in the notice of more falls. Light
pollution probably reduces that number some.

Of all the falls, only 0.1% or about 5 to 6 falls per year are actually
collected. The 1933 year was an excellent year for recovery of falls.
17 meteorites of the potential fall total were recovered!

According to this Canadian study we are really no better at recovery of
falls than we were in the past. Even though meteorite falls are better
understood than in the past. It is important to keep this in mind as
there are many unlocated falls all over the world.

Source for some of this information:
Canadian fireball rates and meteorite falls ? declining returns
Martin Beech
Campion College, The University of Regina, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

--AL Mitterling
Mitterling Meteorites

Quoting Anne Black via Meteorite-list <meteorite-list at meteoritecentral.com>:

> I am curious.
> It is practically everyday that a fireball is spotted somewhere
> around the globe, but......
> - How many of those "fireballs" are real fireballs, not plane,
> fireworks, lighting,....... etc?
> - How many of those real ones burn up in the atmosphere?
> - How many make it to the ground and produce meteorites?
> - And finally how many of those are ever found soon enough to be
> called Falls?
> Is anyone keeping track of those numbers?
> The percentage meteorites <> fireballs would be interesting.
> Anne M. Black
> www.IMPACTIKA.com
> IMPACTIKA at aol.com
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