[meteorite-list] OT NASA websites taken down for Government shutdown

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Date: Thu, 3 Oct 2013 11:07:44 -0400
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This country was founded on hard work all right. The hard work of SLAVES!
That and the Genocide of Native Americans.

Phil Whitmer
Joshua Tree Earth & Space Museum


Bernie Madoff was very popular when he was telling fibs that people liked to
hear and look what happened to his investors.

Hitler had the people behind him at one time and look what happened.

This is not about who wins. We all lose in this case. There is nobody at the
helm. You could say that the socialists lost congress. This does
not mean a win for the American people. We all lose when candidates lie
to the citizens they are suppose serve. Obama promised that individuals
would save an average of $2,500.00/year on their health insurance and
many bought into this pure B.S. I do not call a $6,000.00+/year
increase a win for anybody! Green Energy, What? It sounded good to
prospective voters at the time.

kids candy and carnival rides instead of broccoli, which is good for
you, and you will get their vote! Tell people what they want to hear
and you can garner a lot of support until reality sets in. This country
was founded on hard work, not lies!

the end, these massive
increases in cost will be passed onto collectors if they can spare
anything after being fleeced out of every last dime in taxes.

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