[meteorite-list] OT NASA websites taken down for Government shutdown

From: Martin Altmann <altmann_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu, 3 Oct 2013 16:04:47 +0200
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Adam, a silent 12-minute view from outside...

To me, as far as I can judge at all, the causes of your crises over there
started much earlier.
As early as already in the Reagan era, when it started that the middle-class
got bled.
And further, when the real industry was immolated on the altars of the
financial industry.
(Same happened in Europe in UK, under the Thatcherism). Consequently the
investments in the permanent innovation of the production and infrastructure
were neglected and the money was carried to the horse-race and the bookies.
(You know, all the bursting bubbles like "new economy" etc.). So you have a
structural problem. In former times USA imported raw materials and primary
products and exported products, today it's vice versa.
Additionally you had a second problem, located more on the other end of the
political spectrum, that program every US-citizen in his own house (when did
it start, under Carter?), where to each and every one credits were allowed
for acquiring real estate, without checking whether the people would ever be
able to pay the credit back and that later-on the banks started to trade
with and to bet on these foul credits, resulting in the real estate &
banking crises.
(plus you have the huge gaps in the budget, caused by the last two expensive
The other model would be for instance Germany, one of the very few
countries, which currently seems to get off still very lightly through the
crises (which is also in Europe the largest economical depression since
WWII) and is even profiting at the moment from the crises (later on we will
have to pay, as Germany guarantees for the national debts of other
EU-countries with a sum higher than its own national budget) because it has
a different structure.
Always ridiculed in times of the Big$$ for its poor financial industry and
the anaemic rate of the economic growth of +/-1% per annum, it lives mainly
from the production, hence from the "real" industries and the exportation
(#2 behind China). Despite the crises we have a decent growth of the GNP and
even a bisection of the unemployment during the last 10 years - and that all
with the severe problem of a strongly over-aging society, driving the dues
for social insurances like health care or old-age provisions in dizzy
Interesting is,that that stability is created mainly by mid-sized
enterprises and not so by the industrial giants. The latter run after the
shareholder value and calculate only for the quarterly statements,
abandoning any long-term-strategy.
They didn't create new jobs, but permanently make personnel reductions.
Furthermore they are heftily subsidized with tax money or by tax exemptions,
and often when they are about going bankrupt, they are rescued with

Hence to make it shorter....
For an observer from outside, now that blockade and the shutdown has, as
regards content, nothing to do with the healthcare, but is a simple power
struggle. (And we all are wondering, that in that difficult economical times
and for that purpose, your congress hazards the consequences of an avoidable
damage to the real GDP).

Healthcare is another topic.
Rather a question of mentality and history of a country. Huh, I saw Henry
Fonda burying Grampa roadside on the trek to the Promised Land. (eeeek a
communist oeuvre?).

I for my own at least, being ill & unfit for work for 1.5 years now,(snivel)
am pretty glad, that due to my healthcare I only have to dump meteorites but
not house & farm & the shirt off my back for my treatment. (And that I have
a better perspective thus, than to be healthy again, but then to be forced
to wear down a huge mountain of debts until handing over my spoon, as we say

"over 50 cents goes to taxes of one sort or another"

Don't worry, second-most meteorite-retail-dealers behind the U.S. seem to
work in Germany;
our dues&taxes are much higher (and that while having also on average
somewhat higher living costs).
It works too.

"I think the price of meteorites will just have to go up."

A life without meteorites is possible, but useless.

But when the collectors' wallet gets thinner, the meteorites have to get

(And the same way the U.S.-dealers don't care a fig for the tax&dues burden
of their Germs-colleagues,
the Russian and Moroccan colleagues won't care for your tax&dues yoke.
Decisive for your success was, is and will always be: the collector).

And as always,
I could also go wrong with my views,
much success to all,
& be confident.

(disappearing again for the next months...)

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My 10-minute rant since all of this government shutdown business is being
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