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Hi Marc, Robert, and all,

Congratulations to Jerry and his group for their find and to Marc,Rob, Jake and
Jeff for their great work and call (a "10" before stones were even found).

A little history of the area where the new fall occurred.? This is the 5th
witnessed fall to occur in this small area of NW Alabama that measures about 60
miles by 50 miles.? Two falls occurred here in 1868; Danville (L6) fell on Nov.
27 and eight days later Frankfort (stone) fell on Dec. 5.? During the 20th
century Leighton (H5) fell in 1907 and Athens (LL6) fell in 1933.? Finally we
have the latest fall near Addison, located only about 10 miles from the first
fall at Danville.

Two falls also fell in adjacent states within 75 miles of this small?NW Alabama
area.? Baldwyn (L6), Mississippi fell in 1922 and Petersburg (Eucrite),
Tennessee fell in 1855.

That's seven falls during the last 144 years in this small area.? Perhaps this
is the fabled "Meteorite Graveyard;" the place that meteors go to die!? Sounds
like a good place to move to.



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Hi List,

? ( Marc Fries was kind enough to host/post this to the list for me since I
can't send photos thru the List) Please see the exciting news below, as well as
a couple of photos of the stone.

? *************************************************************

? I am happy to have the pleasure of being able to announce that the first stone
from the new Alabama fall last Tuesday, Oct 30th has been found!

? A big CONGRATS to the team members Stephen Beck, Tommy Brown and Jerry Hinkle
on their beautiful find late yesterday evening (11-3-12), almost exactly 4 days
to the hour from the time of the fall. Great job, guys!

? No exact weight available yet, but best guess is near 60grams. Appears to be
an OC, possibly brecciated. This particular specimen has a prominent metal vein
on one corner.

? Also a big THANK YOU to Marc Fries, Jeff Fries, Rob Matson, and Jake Schaefer
for their fantastic work with the radar! Most List members probably know that
Jerry and I have been meteorite-hunting partners for over 20 years now. We had
just subscribed to Galactic Analytics on Friday, 11-2. I had to work this
weekend and couldn't join him (my wife said I should have asked someone to work
for me- she was right... again ;-) on this hunt, but Jerry headed to Alabama
Sat. morning with the maps, and by the end of the day, a meteorite was in hand!
Now if that isn't a great testimony to the value of the GA radar map service, I
don't know what would be. Great job by you guys, too!

? Now for a little back ground on the other members of the team and the story of
how these guys got together to find a "find-of-a-lifetime".

? Stephen Beck is a good friend of mine who has several very interesting hobbies
and a very successful practice, but meteorite hunting is something he had never
actually got to do. Ironically, I had told him less than two weeks ago that the
next time I went on a hunt I would definitely invite him. How were we to know
that it would only be a few days before HE would be contacting me about his
local news station there in AL describing a tremendous fireball that evening,
complete with sonic booms. Not 5 minutes later, another friend sent me an email
saying that Mike (Farmer) had just called him from Germany saying he had just
learned of the fall and that there were almost certainly stones on the ground
there. I told Jerry about it and since he's living the good life now and had
plenty of time to go, he started making plans to go Sat morning. We arranged for
him to meet up with Stephen and his
friend, Tommy Brown, who knew the area well. When they found the stone, they
sent me a photo and I forwarded it to Mike. No doubt about it!

(see the photos of the stone that Marc is hosting for us)

? Best wishes,
? Robert Woolard


Howdy, all - Marc Fries writing now...

I have started up a gallery of meteorite photos on the Galactic Analytics web
page!? I want to fill this gallery with pictures of meteorites that we help you
recover. I need to figure out how to add labels with the meteorites' names and
the names of the finder/owner, but here it is in a simple state for now.? This
page will remain open to the public and will not need a subscription to view.

Pictures are available here:


Congratulations to Stephen Beck, Tommy Brown, Jerry Hinkle, and Robert Woolard
for making the FIRST find of this fall!? We are calling this meteorite Add001
for now, but we may change the name (but not the number!) if the name submitted
to the Nomenclature Committee is different from "Addison".

Congratulations again!
Marc Fries, Rob Matson, Jake Schaefer and Jeff Fries
Galactic Analytics LLC


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