[meteorite-list] NASA/SETI missed opportunity + OT: tax strategy

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Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2012 16:34:25 -0700
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Airship = publicity

I don't think taxpayers are on the hook for any measureable amount of
revenue spent on that "joy trip". Is it scientifically useful?
not. Is it cool to get to fly around in an airship? Sure -- it's
fabulous! (I've had the pleasure of doing so in a LEGITIMATE work
capacity many years ago.)

That said, like Bob Verish I believe NASA/SETI missed an opportunity
for public outreach in their zeppelin flight: they should have taken
out newspaper/TV/radio ads warning people in advance that live under
the ground track that an airship was going to be flying overhead on a
such and such a day. If anyone saw the airship high above their horizon,
then *THEY* were in the strewn field!

OT: Mike, on your question to Adam about tax strategies, you asked:

"Adam, are you taking full advantage of your allowed deductions? For
example, if you have an area in your home that dedicated to your
business, you can deduct tax burden based on the square footage of the
home office. They actually assign a dollar value to each square foot
of your office, so take advantage of that."

While legally true, this is a VERY BAD idea if the tax savings you
are talking about are no more than a few thousand dollars. It is a
major red flag for IRS auditors, so if you decide to claim home use
as a business, the rest of your tax return better be squeaky clean.
In most instances, the tax savings are not worth the risk of an

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