[meteorite-list] NASA SETI Misappropriation of Tax Payer Funds

From: Brandon D. <b1dunovant_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Fri, 02 Nov 2012 17:15:02 -0500
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Hello Jodie and List,

Rather then looking for actual stones on the ground, could it be they are tracking hunters movements, collecting data as finds are made, by whom and where, then relaying to individuals on the ground as to where best to search based on that info?

- Brandon D. -

Jodie Reynolds <spacerocks at spaceballoon.org> wrote:

>Hello Greg and List!
>It was my understanding that the airship rides were contributed. Is
>there reliable information that they're plunking down NASA-dollars
>for that? Because I agree - that'd be pretty criminal.
>Believe me, no one could possibly be any crankier about
>misappropriation of tax-payer dollars than I! I just want to make
>sure we string up the "right ones".
>--- Jodie
>Friday, November 2, 2012, 1:10:15 PM, you wrote:
>> To All Concerned US Tax Payers...
>> I have been troubled by what is a clear misappropriation of US tax payer
>> funds by NASA/SETI. At a time of this country's financial crisis, this is no
>> time to squander our tax dollars!!
>> We have all seen and read about 'The Blimp" that was, as stated in the
>> article link below, "... a NASA-hired airship." Not only are they using a
>> privately owned "Blimp" for frivolous and far-fetched 'research', but they
>> are also giving free joy rides to private citizens as stated from the
>> article, "Glenn Rivera [a private citizen] was invited by astronomers
>> [NASA/SETI] to hunt for more meteorite crash-landing sites from a NASA-hired
>> airship."
>> In recent conversations, I and many of my colleagues and some NASA
>> scientists (who wish to remain anonymous), have all concluded that finding
>> meteorites [of any size] is completely impossible and a waste of tax payer
>> dollars! How can one think you can spot a black rock the size of a dime, a
>> golf ball or even a basketball from an altitude of 1000 feet?
>> The only entity that benefits from these dream hunts is the private company
>> who owns "The Blimp". They get paid by NASA for use of "The Blimp" and they
>> also benefit from all of the free advertising with their logos and web
>> addresses emblazoned on the sides of "The Blimp"!
>> As far as I am concerned, hunting for meteorites floating in the sky is full
>> of hot air!
>> Here is the link the the article I reference:
>> http://novato.patch.com/articles/hunt-goes-on-for-more-meteorites#photo-12000260
>> Best Regards,
>> Greg
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