[meteorite-list] The Black Phoenix - Revealed!!

From: Greg Hupé <gmhupe_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2012 10:08:02 -0500
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Dear List Members,

The Black Phoenix - Revealed!!

First, here is the definition of, "The Black Phoenix", according to an
online site: "The common representation of 'Phoenix' is rebirth and new
life. Black is used to absorb energy, so a "Black Phoenix" would mean new

I would like to announce the rebirth of the old web site that was dedicated
to my brother Adam and my first lunar meteorite 12 years ago, NWA 482. I
have completely rebuild www.LunarRock.com to include all of the planetary
meteorites that we have been directly or semi-directly involved in bringing
to the world. I wanted a web site where I could celebrate and share part our
achievements. It showcases two dozen Lunar and Martian meteorites, provides
links to all of the scientific papers written about these celestial stones
and you will find many photos and other fun features I hope you will enjoy!

The second web site is brand NEW! I wanted to build a web site to share my
different Expeditions & Adventures, Articles I have written or I am somehow
associated with, News, Scientific findings and to offer for sale;
Meteorites, Fossils, Minerals and Artifacts. I believe I have finally
realized a dream I have had for many years in the form of this new web site,

I would like to thank the handful of friends who beta tested the sites
during the 2 ? months of building, gave advice and suggestions, and
especially to my programmer friend who went above and beyond to help me
build two custom web sites from blank pages.

Without further delay, I present to you:
Lunar Rock

Nature's Vault

Both sites still have some work to be completed so please check back
occasionally as I will be adding more features and continue to add more
meteorites and the other natural history items I plan to offer.

Please enjoy your visit!

Best Regards,

Greg Hup?
The Hup? Collection
gmhupe at centurylink.net
www.NaturesVault.net (Online Catalog & Reference Site)
www.LunarRock.com (Online Planetary Meteorite Site)
NaturesVault (eBay & Facebook)
IMCA 3163
Click here for my current eBay auctions:
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