[meteorite-list] Something is rotten on the web, on eBay, and with a certain seller.

From: MikeG <meteoritemike_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2012 22:57:07 -0500
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Hi List,

As a collector first, dealer second, and passionate meteorite nut
third, I share the common sentiment that the integrity of the world's
meteorite collections is a top priority for all of us. Whether it is
a large museum like the Smithsonian or a small micromount collector,
it is important that any and all specimens in that collection are
genuine and labeled correctly. It is a shame and a disservice to the
entire meteorite community (scientific and layperson) when a dealer
knowingly misrepresents specimens as something they are not. Whether
it's a big whole stone the size of a football, or a tiny Bessey Speck,
it is of the utmost importance that the specimen be genuine. If it's
billed, sold, and labeled as Tissint Martian, then it damn well better
be Tissint Martian. I won't nitpick the weight 1mg or the other,
because scales vary. But the material better be what it is sold to

Secondly, if I am seeing a photo of a specimen for sale on a dealer's
website, that photo better represent a specimen that dealer owns and
that dealer shot the photo or has permission from the original
photographer to use that photo. We've seen dealers who steal photos
from other dealers and then try to pull scams and sell specimens they
don't actually own. This is not an isolated unique thing - it has
happened before, been pointed out on this List in the past, and it is
happening again. I will say this, to my knowledge, the guilty party
is NOT a List member that is active or known. This person may be a
lurker, but they are not known.

However, this person does have a website and they do sell on eBay
using at least one or more seller accounts. Worse, I have seen other
collectors and some dealers leaving good feedback to this dubious
seller after purchasing specimens that may be in question now. Some
of these people I saw leaving feedback are List members or persons
known to List members.

To my knowledge, this person is not an IMCA member. But, this person
frequently purchases material from List members, known dealers, and
IMCA members.

I fear and strongly suspect that this person is spreading
misrepresented material into many collections across the world, thanks
to eBay and the internet. Some of the people who have purchased
material from this suspect dealer are good people, people we know, and
people who should now be concerned that portions of their collections
may be compromised.

I am currently conferring with a couple of other honest dealers who
have some knowledge of this person and we will alert the collector
community when we arrive at a consensus of what exactly is going on,
how wide-reaching the damage is, and what we can say/do about it to
prevent further damage.

Stay tuned.

Best regards,


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