[meteorite-list] Mersenius Crater - Wrinkles Between Humorum and Procellarum

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Date: Thu Jul 27 15:01:40 2006
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Hi Ron and List,

"Crater Mersenius C is positioned in the highland area between Mare
 Humorum and the Oceanus Procellarum. The crater has a diameter of 14
 kilometres and is best visible for ground-based observers 4 days after
 first quarter Moon."

I observed this area of the Moon with my C-8 on Feb 27, 1980 when the
age of the Moon was 10.6 d and the illuminated part 0.91%. At 150x, I
could clearly see this "rille" or "rima" running from the walled plain
Letronne (d = 114 km) between Gassendi (d = 110 km) and the Mersenius
main crater (d = 72 km) into the Mare Humorum where I could recognize
two "rimae".

While the crater walls of the Mersenius main crater are 2300 m high,
the walls of Mersenius C still reach a height of 1500 meters!

Sweating and panting in Germany with temperatures
between 95?F and 104?F and a humidity of almost 70%

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